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General Biology before chemistry?

  1. 0 Hey everyone! Classes start this week and im taking General Bio. The course says it recommends Chemistry before this class...I have not taken chemisty yet because I have one more math class that is a pre req to that. I have taken a&p 1 and got an A in that class. Wondering what your thoughts are on me going for it or waiting to start bio till my chemistry is complete? Thanks!
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    I did take chem before biology for healthcare majors, but think you would be fine without it. Biology was bar far the easiest pre req class I took.
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    For our program Biology wasn't required before Chemistry, it was just required along with it. And since I keep hearing about how hard Chemistry is I'm taking that this semester to get it out of the way, and will try and do Biology over the summer.
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    I took bio before Chemistry and was fine. There was some review in the first chapter or two but honestly if you took Hs Chem you should be fine. It wasn't hard stuff!!
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    My Gen Bio class was the easiest class I've taken thus far (despite my horrible professor). I didn't take chem and got an A, people in my class had had chem and the class average was a C so I guess it depends on your bio background more than your chem background.
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    My bio class went over a chapter of Chem in the beginning and it was pretty straightforward.
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    I took (in this order of semesters): biology, microbiology, chemistry, a&p 1, and will now be in the a & p 2. I didn't find chemistry was needed for intro bio so you should be good!
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    I wish I would have taken Chemistry before biology, I feel like I would have better understood it. And I DEFINITELY wish I would have taken Chemistry before A&P.
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    I took gen bio and gen chem 1 at the same time. It was A LOT! I ended up getting a C in chem because I felt so overwhelmed. I got a B in bio and was one of the few that did in that class because the professor was horrible. During a couple lectures I could see how they relate a bit. Personally for me it wouldn't matter taking chem or bio first. I remember learning a tiny bit of chem in bio but then again my professor taught us the most about plants :/
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    Quote from zoe92
    I took (in this order of semesters): biology, microbiology, chemistry, a&p 1, and will now be in the a & p 2. I didn't find chemistry was needed for intro bio so you should be good!
    What class did you find most difficult? Easiest? I've only taken A&P l and just starting with A&P ll now.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. The chemistry in general biology is very simple and will be covered in the biology text.
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    Tara1245, I found chemistry most difficult because I just don't like it or find it interesting. I am also not too found of math. I like microbiology though. I also took nutrition which is another pre req and considered a biology class at my school. That was easier than micro, chem or a & p.