First Semester of Nursing School!!

  1. Whew!! I haven't been on here in a long while but rightfully so because nursing school is no joke. I know many other people are expressing their feelings about their first semester of nursing school and so I thought I will share my experience. I have one more week left. I take my final on Tuesday! (Wish me luck!!!)
    I knew nursing school was going to be hard because like many others, I came to this website for guidance and what to expect! All the stories you are reading are TRUE....LOL!
    A couple of things I want to hit on:
    1. As many people stated, being a A student doesn't mean a thing. I was a straight A student throughout elementary, middle, high school and college. But in nursing school, you will find yourself "settling" for a 75 on all tests.
    2. No matter how much you study, you will still be a little under prepared for those tests
    3. You will find yourself crying A LOT, so stack up of tissue!
    4. By the end of the semester or even mid way down the semester, MANY people would have drop out but you will survive..... hopefully
    5. Mentally prepare yourself for clinicals because its not for everybody, one of the students in my class drop the day after her first clinical. Speaking of clinicals, you might as well get use to care plans, you'll find out about those when you get in nursing school.
    6. Say goodbye to your family, friends and weekends.
    7. You will make alot of friends in the nursing program. They will become like family. You will car pool, study, share and many other things with these people.
    8. Never give up and most importantly make sure that you are doing nursing for the right reason because trust me you will be tested on whether you really want this or not!!
    Whew!! Got that off my chest! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ON THEIR FINALS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!- Chiquitap
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  3. by   Marsha238612
    What studying style worked best for you?! I'm starting nursing school this January and #2,3 and 6 of your list I'm most fearful of :/

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  4. by   __patiently_waiting
    Lol. I haven't started nursing school yet (Fall 2014 hopeful) but I believe everything in your post. But one thing you can say is when you graduate it will all be worth it. Good luck to you!
  5. by   bluesky94
    Good luck on your finals! Do you have any tips/suggestions on how prenursing students can prepare themselves for nursing school?
  6. by   msnursecp
    Good Luck to those going into the program!
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  7. by   msnursecp
    @martina238612 Don't be fearful! You will gain alot out of the nursing program. Your first semester will be over whelming and you will feel like you are lost.....LOL...but trust me that you won't be the only one. I learn best by writing everything down. I like for things to be organize into charts and tables, but I know alot of my classmates are auditory learners and will record each lecture. I would say to look online for learning style quizzes to determine how you learn the best! Good Luck!!
    bluesky94 I would say for now to continue to do well in your pre-reqs and enjoy all the free time you have for now!
  8. by   bluesky94
    I also learn best by writing everything down and making charts/tables. I took one of those online learning style quizzes, and I'm a visual learner. And thanks for the advice, I'll enjoy my free time now and try not to worry about nursing school!
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  9. by   malenurse69
    If you are settling for "75"s you need to study more. Thats not to say it doesnt happen in a great while but you should be up and close to the A range in your courses otherwise you need to change your study habits. Cheers
  10. by   LoriRNCM
    *fixing popcorn* Your turn! Be prepared for the fallout! LOL P.S. I for one am so glad to wrap this semester up. My exams are next week. Good luck on yours!!!!
  11. by   LoriRNCM
    Wait..... 75? Dang...... I'd fail if I got 79 on exams. 80 is a C. Below that is failing.
  12. by   msnursecp
    @lorirn2b The program I'm in, requires you to have at least a 75 to pass! A 75 in my program is consider a C! But I feel for you...LOL!
    @malenurse69 If you are lucky enough to get an "A" in the nursing program then that's good for you but I'm saying ALOT of students comes into the program as straight A students but feel down on themselves because they can't maintain an A! The program can stress you out to the point where all you want to do is pass! A nursing student with an A doesn't mean they are better than those making a C!
  13. by   Jaykalkyn, BSN, RN
    So i'm wondering just how different nursing school is from undergrad and grad school...I start my program in January 2014. Can someone tell me is it more so the material itself or the amount of material that is so difficult?
    I have a BS in accounting. I also have an MBA that I completed while working full time. I did all of my pre-reqs while working full time with a husband and kids. I'm no stranger to work and school and luckily I won't have to work when I start my program next month. I want to have a realistic expectation of what is to come and so far its scary from what i'm reading. But i'm also wondering if its something I can handle or if its in a whole other realm. I do realize that each persons experience is unique but giving up your life for two years seems to be a common theme amongst nursing students.
  14. by   203bravo
    Jay -

    I too come from a BSBA and MBA background --- I'm just finishing my 1st semester of nursing in a traditional BSN program as there are no ABSN programs near me. Nursing reminds me a lot of graduate school.. but our classes meet once a week and all the material is of course new and foreign. The biggest challenge is to develop the thinking skills necessary to do well on the exams... As you can read on many of these posts it is not rote memorization rather mostly given a short scenario and you must figure out what wrong with the patient then what would you do... That being said.. I have finals next week and am going into them with all A's. Hoping that I can keep it that way seeing as our finals are actually HESIs.