1. I thought it would never happen at some points, but I prayed and hoped for the very best. Second time around applying for the program and I'm happy to say: I am officially ACCEPTED for Fall 2013!!!! I am so excited right now I feel like this is all a wonderful dream!!!! After 4 years of prereqs and working full time and waiting to get in, feeling like I might not be good enough I can say I have been accepted to the only program I applied to! Everyone should follow their dreams, even if it takes longer than expected to get what you want, remain focused and you will get what you are searching for.
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  3. by   boricuarn23
    Thank you i really needed to hear this. i just applied first time to nursing school and was rejected. i am still working on finishing my pre reqs in spring and taking patho in fall. i will be applying again in the fall. I will take your advice and hopefully i get lucky the second time around. Good luck and congrats to you
  4. by   MommaTy
    Congrats I just found out on April 6, 2013 that I was accepted into the RN program for fall 2013 (1st try).
  5. by   MommaTy
    Forgot to mention I didn't apply until all my pre reqs were done.
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    Sooooooooooooo happy for you!! It's people like you that give me hope :-) NEVER GIVE UP!
  8. by   Beekstar
    I'm right there with you. I had to try twice to get in but the second time I had all my prerequisites done. And now I'm almost done with my first semester. Good luck next semester!
  9. by   sensoryoverload
    Congrats!!! You will be happy you got all those other classes out of the way so you can just focus on nursing classes!
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's terrific news Best of luck in nursing school!
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    Yay! Congrats. Your journey is just beginning
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