Feline Dissection

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    So, I am a pre-nursing student and just started Anatomy and Physiology II. I have worked in healthcare for about 5 years now and seen many things. I have a really strong stomach, not much bothers me. I find clinical mode and just go. All that being said, I find I am having a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that I am going to have to participate in feline dissection.

    My school uses a cat farm. These cats are bread for the sole purpose of being euthanized for students to use as specimens. I love cats, I love all animals. I fully understand and appreciate that animals have to die for us to exist. I'm not a vegetarian, I love me some burgers....LOL.

    All that being said, I really don't know how I am going to do this. I feel that it is wrong, truly I do. A huge part of me feels like participating just for the knowledge I will gain, but I cant get past the fact that these animals come from a cat farm. I've never come across a situation in healthcare where I had to do something even though I felt it was wrong. Sure, i've come across many a things I didnt want to do,. I know I don't have a choice, that If I want to pass this class I must participate and Im not going to protest or drag my feet....... I just dont know how I am going to do it.

    I live in South Carolina, where there are many kill shelters. So many feral cats are euthanized because homes can't be found. While I appreciate the fact that many of these cats are probably diseased and can't be used by students I still can't get past the fact that somewhere in this country cat's are being bread for us to dissect. It just seem so wrong. Oh, and yes, I have 2 of my own. Arthur and Grey who I freaking love and couldn't imagine my home without.

    Mostly I needed to vent. If anyone has any advice or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.



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    No suggestions......my A&P we spent part of it in with the med students with a cadaver. Try to remember that this is a speck of time in your life and is the sacrifice of not doing it and the consequences worth refusing to participate. I was very young in nursing school...something they don't even allow anymore....so at 16/17 and dissecting a cadaver was mind numbing to me. All my CI had to say was "Buck up or get out....there is someone who wants your place more". I'm not saying that but sometimes we have to do things that really age against our beliefs/feelings for the bigger picture. Unfortunately, there are instances in nursing that may rub against your grain but you can't judge and you can't always remove yourself from for one reason or another.

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    I had no idea about "cat farms".

    Check these links out:

    The Lowdown on Dissection | Issues | peta2.com

    Silver Chips Online : Anatomy and physiology classes dissect furry felines

    Last Chance for Animals - Dissection

    I would have thought they would use animals that had to be euthanized... It does seem cruel to just raise animals for dissection.

    I don't know what to tell you... I understand your discomfort.
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    I wish I had some great advice. Our cats were feral cats that could not be adopted because they were mean and most were sick as well (as we discovered during our dissection). I guess knowing that made the dissection easier. I would not have been comfortable with a cat farm either. But, this may just be one of those things that "builds character" and you do it. The cat will be euthanized whether you dissect it or not, so just thank the cat for helping you become a nurse so that you can help others.
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    Thanks everyone. I would have no problems doing a human, because its human anatomy and I know that human didnt get euthanized for my learning. I guess I'm just gonna have to grin and bear it, it just makes me so sad. I actually started to cry when my biology teacher confirmed they were from a farm. Prior to that I was certain it was just a vicious rumor. Thanks for all the kind words. Xx

    "No day but today"
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    I think this is one of the hardest things for me going through nursing school. I'm a huge animal lover. Like yourself, I have no problem working with cadavers, but it bugs me with animals
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    You'd think in an age of so many stray cats and yearly euthanasias done by shelters they'd use those cats.
    I totally feel for you. I'd cut up a dead human any day of the week.. but something that was once cute and furry, no thanks.
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    I would feel uncomfortable too. I love cats. I've dissected two cats in high school and in college. They were all cats who were going to die anyways, basically, so I didn't have much problem with that. Cats being raised to be killed for students learning is sad though, there are already so many feral cats around who can't be rehabilitated to live with people, or are too sick.
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    Those cats are there to help you! Try not to let your feelings get in the way or else you'd have a tough time passing the class :-)
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    Quote from rnmama999
    Those cats are there to help you! Try not to let your feelings get in the way or else you'd have a tough time passing the class :-)
    This is easier said than done. I am glad cat dissection was optional when I took A&P, I don't think I would have been able to do it. In the grand scheme you are not learning anything from the cat
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