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  1. I now realize that I cannot discuss LVN school with one of my closest family members. Here of lately, she have been talking about me getting a full-time job. I have already told her (in previous conversations) that now that I have been laid off, I can go back to school and pursue my life long dream. I guess she does not want to hear that. SIGH!

    Any words of encouragement would be helpful and very much appreciated.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   Cali_Nurse_209
    Don't give up on your dreams. If this is what you want to do go for it. A lot of people tried to discourage me also, but I realized that I'm the only one that can live my life and I'm glad I'm in school pursuing nursing. You can do it, don't short-change yourself.
  4. by   irisheyesRsmilin
    I completely understand your situation as I am also in such a situation myself.
    My husband doesnt understand or support my decision to go back to college and earn my degree and become a RN. I am paying for my college costs completely alone, out of my personal savings. I am dedicated to getting thru this and I will succeed.
    Find strengeth first of all in yourself. You know this step is the best one for you and your future. Secondly look to friends, other family and classmates. You will make a fine nurse and do well.
    Chin up and ignore the negative vibes around you! I have faith in you!
  5. by   Puddin2day
    You are so right Nurse2b209! I have always did what everyone else expected of me. Now it is time to do me and what makes me happy.
  6. by   Puddin2day
    Thank you , irisheyesRsmilin! I have faith in you as well. Good luck with RN school. When it is all over, it will be worth it. I tell my nieces that a part of being an adult is being able to make an executive decision and stand on it. When that takes place, sometimes you don't have a cheerleading squad backing you up and you are out there on your own like a flag in the wind. Well, I guess today , I am that flag.
  7. by   Wrench Party
    You need to do what you need to do to make yourself happy. You've earned the right
    to take some time and get an education, and pursue the career you've wanted.
  8. by   labdad1234RN
    keep your focus and "eye on the prize". One of the most difficult things is getting family/relatives support because they do not understand why you want to be a nurse. When I was a nursing student, I have encountered family as well as financial pressures that made me think twice. However, I managed to pay for nursing school all by myself and earn the respect of the rest of my family when I graduated and passed the boards. I landed my first job in a hospital and been moving upward ever since. I love being a nurse and making a difference in the lives of the people i care for.

    You are not alone. My fellow nurse friends have similar stories. These are just challenges that will build character and make you a great nurse.

    Bon Chance!
  9. by   Puddin2day
    I think they cannot understand why I want to return to school at all. "Just get yourself another clerk job." or "I could see you doing customer service." There is nothing wrong with either of these positions, both are decent and respectable jobs; but these are not my passions in life.

    That is what I want, to build my character (more so) and to be a a great nurse.
  10. by   SopranoKris
    I completely understand what you're going through! I had to put my dreams of being a nurse on hold for the last 18 years. The company I currently work for announced we're all getting laid off in Sept. Upon hearing the news, I took some time to reflect on what would make me happy. I talked it over with my fianc and we both agreed that I should finally get a chance to pursue nursing.

    A few people in my family cannot understand why, at my age, I would stop working to go back to school to get a job that pays less than what I'm currently earning now. They just don't understand that, for me, it's not about the money. It's about having a career where I can care for patients and fulfill my dream. I've always wanted to pursue this and now I finally have the chance to do it!

    Don't let family members discourage you!!! While most of my family has been supportive, the few that aren't have been quite vocal about it. First of all, remember this: it is your life, not theirs. Just because they don't see the same vision as you, does not mean your decision is wrong! Second, you need to follow your heart and if you truly believe that a nursing career is right for you, then pursue it with gusto! Only you can allow someone else's negativity get into your head, so don't buy in to it. I just try to stay positive and enjoy the support & love of my family that believe in me.

    You'll get through hang in there!
  11. by   Puddin2day
    Thank you SorpanoKris. You are so right; at the end of the day, it's my life and not theirs.
  12. by   CinDRnyc
    Don't let others influence you negatively. I feel that some people feel threatened when they see someone close to them passionate about pursuing their dreams and they are pursung nothing. Some people just want to put other people down so they feel better.
  13. by   DarkLotus
    *hug* I'm sorry your family member is being discouraging! I know exactly how you feel. I finished my pre-requisites for ADN programs in 2009 and was accepted to two ADN programs that year but my ex refused to move an hour away (or let me commute) to go to school! The year the same thing happened again after he promised if I got in again I could go. He knows a few other girls that want to go to school for nursing but none of them got accepted so I guess he assumed I wouldn't make it in again. So I finished up prereqs to apply to BSN programs in 2010 and got accepted to an ADN program last fall and I paid from my measly CNA salaray for myself and my kids to move! He was supposed to watch the kids my first week of school since he would not get his car out of my name which would have qualified my kids for a tanf grant and free daycare! So there I am the first day of school, broke from moving and he goes out to hang out with his buddies and leaves me at home with the kids!!! I tried to find another source of daycare funding but wasn't able to. Needles to say he's now my ex (thanks to some wise advice from ladies on here Now I'm living at my parents and waiting for an acceptance letter for next fall! I'll have to pay out of state tuition for the first year but it'll be worth it to finally be a nursing student!!!
    Okay sorry for hijacking but boy did that feel good to vent Anyways if you are in a LPN program don't let anyone talk you out of it, get it done and don't look back it's your life to live and your love to give!
  14. by   nguyency77
    It's your life, your dreams. If you're laid off and you have the money to support yourself while you're in school, why not do it?
    People always brush it off when I tell them my major is nursing. They always say, "Oh but you're so smart. You should really go to medical school, or maybe pharmacy. Nursing doesn't pay as well," at which point I begin to wonder why they didn't tell that to their own daughter, who is off at some random out-of-state college studying up on how to play beer pong and "Which Sorority Girl Will Have to Get her Stomach Pumped First!?"