Fall class schedule for pre requisites

  1. Hi! I am a pre nursing student in Illinois. I was thinking of taking principles of bio,sociology-cultural diversity in America, and nutrition for fall 2013 I have been out of school for a long time and pretty much don't remember much about biology. Therefore, I was wondering is it smart to take these three classes together. My second thought was to take biology and nutrition together and then take sociology and anatomy and physiology 1 together can someone give me some advice on what I should do I want to take sciences with something that's not that complicated so I can have more time studying my sciences. I need to get A'S in my sciences.
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  3. by   pc2801
    I took Chemistry w/lab, A&P I w/lab, Nutrition and Sociology all at the same time. I was taking them at 2 different schools 30 miles apart as well in order to be able to take A&P I in the fall so I could take A&P II w/lab in the spring (with Micro w/lab). I went to the school nearest my home M, Tu, & Th and the away school M, W,F. I had classes morning, noon and night. I recorded lectures and listened to them in my car when I commuted. I had some trouble in Chemistry and the tutoring was only available during the day/times I was at the other school, so I eventually spoke with the professor there and let him know why I wasn't going to come to class and how I planned to keep my grades up (it helped that he knew me for several years on a professional level at a former job). I skipped that class several times to get tutoring and brought my Chemistry grade up while keeping an A in the class I missed. So, yes it is possible to take these classes and get good grades, but you have to be serious and focused. I was rarely home between 7:30a-8:30p and I was always in the library, my car or class.
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    As the above poster said, it depends on your level of perserverence. If you are a, I will do anything, kind of person. The three together should not be too bad. And I agree, easy stuff with a and p! good luck
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    also I am a mother of four school aged children
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    if you haven't been to school in a while, and have a ton of responsibilities, you might try just one class at first, and see how you do
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    I think the second plan, to take the bio and nutrition together, would be a good compromise. Nutrition usually isn't a terribly challenging class at most schools and it pairs well with a "hard science". I was able to take my nutrition course online, if you can you should! Since you are new back to school you might be pretty stressed out taking three classes starting out. If you want A's and you are trying to take care of your family, you might not be able to take more than a couple of classes at the time, unless, of course, you are Wonder Woman (in which case, you go girl!)!
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    l have been to college classes about two years ago. I do not work. I'm just not sure If taking principles of bio, sociology and nutrition is a good idea to take together. I have not had any science classes in a long time. I am nervous about bio only. I am not sure if soc is a hard class.
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    I think you should be fine. Just know its going to be busy. I work full-time and have 2 kids and take a science on campus and another easier class online. Like this semester I'm taking Chemistry and Sociology. It also depends on you personally and how much you think you can handle because what works for one might not work for another Good luck and don't be scared! I went back after being out of school for 13 years
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    Hi im also a pre nursing student in illinois! Mind f i ask where you go?? Im currently at harper college in palatine
    Ive taken all these classes before and for me they were a breeze! Nutrition was very easy to me it was mostly common sense the only down fall was the pricey book with the online access code -.-! sociology was also very easy if you've taken psych before its pretty much the same stuff and a lot of common sense as well for bio i didn't have to take bio because i had it in high school and went straight to just taking Anatomy
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    am attending Joliet Junior College.
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    hanks for the words of encouragement