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Hello everyone, who has started A&P 2? I know we can all use support from each other. I for one have started class and my first day was yesterday. The syllabus doesn't look to bad. I just hope I... Read More

  1. by   Nurse2b7337
    Awesome job to everyone!! Anyone here know anything about Chamberlain College??
  2. by   Nurse2b7337
    I'm applying too this Fall or January. I have to take the Teas thus Saturday!! Deadline for app is 1/31!!!
  3. by   msmartel bee
    I see a lot of pathophysiology talk. I'm planning to take it next semester. I hard it's a lot of material. I'm ready to get it out of my way. But for know I have to start applying for Nursing schools.
  4. by   msmartel bee
    I'm thinking of apply for a BSM program. Anybody know any thing about it. Any thing can help.
  5. by   Nurse2b7337
    Is that BSN?? Or BSM? If BSN where are you from? I know a little about places here in GA.
  6. by   SopranoKris
    Got our Exam 2 scores back and happy that I got a 96%...yay! So far, so good. We had to type up a formal lab report and cite references in our last lab. UGH! I hate typing formal papers, so tedious!!! I'll be interested to see how our prof scores our reports. We really didn't have any "rules", per se, other than "you should know how to cite references appropriately". Well...there seem to be 25 different ways to cite references, so which one is it?

    This has been a great semester so far. Our Physiology prof is excellent and I always look forward to her classes. We barely have to use the book (kinda feel like I wasted $350 on the text!!!). As long as you take good notes on her lectures, the quizzes & exams contain no surprises.

    I'm am doing the Happy Dance that we're on the home stretch for the semester to end....yay!!!!
  7. by   EduardoLugo
    I envy those doing good! I blew it for exam 2.. got a 66%. I studied 2-3 hours a day.. I Thought I did good. I think it is my instructor. She's kinda new at teaching and she's asian, so it is hard to understand sometimes. I always watch videos to learn more. The questions she give us are confusing. No wonder why we avg 70-75.. It was the hardest exams of all as she mentioned. I am sure most of us didn't do that great.. we'll see on Thursday ;\
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  8. by   ponakoya
    Hi everyone. im new to the group. I am a pre-nursing student. i will be applying for the nursing program in march. However i am soooo afraid to take that HESI test.
  9. by   Nurse2b7337
    Well I've heard that the HESI is a lot easier than the Teas!! Welcome to all nurses!!!
  10. by   SopranoKris
    I'm sooooo ready for this semester to be over. We have to write yet another paper next week. UGH! We haven't even received the first one back yet. I'm glad this class ties in so closely with Pharmacology and that the order of the systems we're covering coincides with the drugs we're studying in Pharm, or I'd be completely lost in Pharm right now. Less than 2 months to go...yay!!!
  11. by   Fearless_leader
    Hey Nurse2b7337,
    Just wanted you to know I'm still hanging in there. Whew.... How's it going for you?
  12. by   Nurse2b7337
    Hello fearless I'm hanging in as well. I was kinda bombed from my Teas score. I didn't do well as expected. The show must go on though.....I'll become a nurse some way some how!!!! glad you're hanging in too!!! Are you taking Micro next semester?? I am with Stats!!! Yikes!!!!
  13. by   InfirmiereJolie
    I'm taking Physiology (at my college they call it that and not A&P2) and so far it's been good except the last lab test. I get my score next week and I hope it's OK and maybe I can get middle to high A's on my next lecture tests and bring it up. My scores for lectures have been much higher than my scores for my labs. Luckily there are 4 lecture exams and only 3 lab exams, so that should help! It helps that I have a Supplemental Instructor (like a tutor assigned to the class section) who is great at essay questions for the exams. It's really fun and interesting to me, but challenging!