Failed in the BSN program last semester.Any schools accept me?me?

  1. I was enrolled in a nursing program in Fall 2011.I received a D in Foundations. In Spring 2012, I enrolled in a new curriculum with additional subjects to study. In my 5th semester, I received another D for Advanced Topics.My appeals were denied. Can I enroll in any other schools? Does anyone know any schools accept a student with 2 D's / out of nursing program? I really don't know what to do at this time? When I inquired, one school said, if i could bring a letter from the Dean stating that I am in good standing with the school, they can consider accepting me. Since I surpass the Dean and went to the President ( questioned the denial of appeal), I am not sure whether she is of any help. If any student is accepted in any university, please let me know.I am so frustrated and sad. All my 4 years of hard work is in vain now.
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  3. by   malenurse69
    If you got a D twice, what makes you think you wont get in and get a D a third time? Put yourself into the shoes of admissions for a second. You are, to them, a high risk for dropping out and they have the evidence to prove it. You need to take a step back and fix whatever causes you the inability to focus on your studies. Nursing school is no joke and you need to show them you have fixed whatever caused you to underperform before you get reaccepted to any program.
  4. by   Kuriin
    Failing in Fundamentals is a big no, no. Because topics get (obviously) increasingly more difficult and if you have trouble in that topic, you need to either evaluate what you're doing wrong, and why you're in nursing school. Are you working in conjunction with nursing school? What's causing you to fail classes?

    You might be able to reapply to that school again and see if they'll let you come back. But, I don't know what to say. You technically were not in good standing with the school.
  5. by   lovenotwar14
    I know around here (Ga) you have to wait 5years before you can apply again. BUT you can apply to an LPN program, work as an LPN for a year and reapply. Hope this helps you.
  6. by   PurpleLover

    I am sorry that happened, but some schools may not be willing to take a gamble on you. Why did you do poorly those two times?
  7. by   mrsboots87
    The schools in my area will allow one fail and repeat. If you fail even one class in a semester, you repeat the entire semester, but only if you appeal your drop for failing and the nursing department approves. They dont always approve. If you fail out of another nursing program, you are automatically declined if you apply to another one. Then there is a certain amount of years you have to wait before you can apply again but I dont remember how many.

    Beside the 2 classes you failed, what were youre grades like in the other classes. Were you doing well (b or higher), or were you barely scraping by? I ask because if you were doing well, then try researching programs in you area and speak to advisors about applying for advance placement so you only have to repeat the final year of school. If you were barely passing the others, it mgh be time to think of another career or assess why you werent doing well. I dont mean to offend or put you down, but nursing is not for everyone. If you were trying youre hardest and not passing, then its not for you. If there were uncontrollable circumstances that prevented you from passing but you were otherwise doing well, then find a program that will consider you. GL
  8. by   bna04
    Psych - A. Pharm 1 & 2, Peds , Community health - B. OB , Med Surg 1 & 2, Leadership - C. Rest all B's. I found Foundations, Med surg and Advance topics as the hardest... What I felt bad is, it was my final semester and a day prior to graduation, I failed... Now I have to wait for one calender year. during this time I have to do min. 12 credit hours and maintain 2.5 GPA.Then I can re-apply. I always found med surg and advanced topics hard and lot of information.. and I found it hard to remember... also I am not a good test taker... I was also calling other schools. Since I am out of the program, i am not eligible to apply. I am just wondering any colleges will accept me? Even if I have to start all over from first semester onwards, I am ready rather than doing LPN-BSN... Thanks for your comments!
  9. by   bna04
    Second D is in my final semester. I was working hard all these semesters...
  10. by   applesxoranges
    They let students in my school enter the LPN track and then enter the LPN to RN track if they fail out of the traditional RN track or they can go get their medic license and do medic to RN. However, they do not let you renter the same track such as if you fail out of the traditional RN track, you can't re-enter it a few years later. My school was very liberal with the appeals apparently as I know some people who have failed more than twice in their nursing classes.
  11. by   mrsboots87
    So then you were doing well. That's good. I don't have an answer for if schools will accept you while wating to reapply at your current school, but have you tried to appeal for a repeat of just the filed course or failed semester. With having good grades in your other courses, you may have a shot.
  12. by   bna04
    With my current school, I might apply for psychology major and complete those 12 credit hours. Meantime I am trying else where. An advisor from a college told me , if I can get a letter from the Dean saying that I am eligible to apply for the nursing program, they can take me.An advisor from another college also said the same thing.Bring a request for consideration along with the Dean's letter. But I appealed to the Appealing committee, Vice President and then the President. Now I am a bit apprehensive about asking any letter from the Dean.Other day, the co-ordinator said she will send mail to the Dean on my behalf. Just waiting to hear from her.
  13. by   bna04
    Lucky students!!!which school is that?
  14. by   bna04
    For foundations, I did not understand what the Instructor is teaching.... med surge, advanced topics and foundations were my hardest classes... i think I am not a good test taker & then for these subjects, lot of info you need to remember... even if I study, sometimes I forget....