Is everybody ready for fall'13? Good luck everyone

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    Are your ready for Fall'13? I'm ready, but nervous since i have to take A&P1. I'll be fine. I start on Aug 26th. Good look everyone.
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    I start tomorrow and I'm stoked!! I'm ready for the challenge and to do the best I can!
    I'm taking A&P I also along with Statistics, Economics, World History, Developmental Psych, and Choices for Life!!
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    I start tomorrow! Nervous, but ready. I'm taking A&P I, Lifespan Development, World History, and Economics. Good luck everybody!
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    This is my week of finals for a&p1 and sociology then I have almost two weeks off to work and recover before I start a&p2, math, microbiology and an LNA course.
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    Starting first week of Sept!.... taking A&P1, Organic Chem and Nutrition
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    Good Luck everyone. Just keep in your minds that we shall be future nurses. We can do this.
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    Good luck to you too!!! I start Anatomy on the 27th and I am so excited! I know come the 28th after I have seen my syllabus my feelings will be completely different, but I'm going to enjoy the excitement while it lasts!
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    Yea enjoy the excitement while it lasts lol. I know the Anatomy syllabus will have peoples jaw drop lol. But we'll be fine, just stay on top of the work, don't get behind.
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    Nervous as all holy heck! I'm scared that I can't handle it.. 11 exams in a semester! I'm taking AP 1, Micro, with Med Terminology. We start August 26th as well.
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    I heard Micro is no joke, so to be taking Micro and A&P together is going to be intense. A lot of memorization. You are going to be fine though, you will be able to handle it, but time management will be very important. Good luck
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