Is The Entire NET Multiple Choice?!

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    I know the math and science sections are, but I was wondering if the testtaking, stress, etc. tests were as well. Thanks!!

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    Yes, I'd like to know as well. Anyone whose taken it before, please tell me what's goin on with this. I'm so worried about it. Can you give examples of questions or anything? What was the most challenging part? How many people usually pass?

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    I took the NET last week, it was all multiple choice. Test taking, stress, etc, was an 'agree' or 'disagree' format.
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    Yup! All mult choice!
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    Thanks gang!! You guys are the best!!
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    Batman, check out this website. I wished that I had known about it before I took the NET, because the study guide is nothing compared to the test. Not to worry you, it is just that the reading section is a lot different.

    This site has practice problems just like the NET uses. It is all multiple choice and agree/disagree. The math section is just basic math. Adding, subtracting, multiply, division, percentages, fractions and a few BASIC, easy algebra problems.

    The reading seems to be the toughest section, at least at our school. Even though they say it is basic reading comprehension, the 1st test we had to take was a science reading which most people failed (or didn't get the required 60% passing.) Even after they changed it to a newer version and took out the science reading, it was still a more challenging reading than say the TEAS or Accuplacer. I think having it timed it what throws off most people. It is just basic reading though.

    Good luck on it~
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    Thank you!! I am going to do the Reading Tests on it. Was it 30 minutes for 30 questions on the reading comp section?!

    I am more nervous about the reading than the math. I have to take the NLN for another school and compared to that the NET math is a piece of cake. lol
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    The Reading was a killer for me. I read on here that people had trouble with it but I thought "Nah, not me." Well, boy it was hard! I didn't finish and I am not sure if I answered any of them correct. :lol

    The school that I took the NET at doesnt even send out our scores! They said that we will know if we get an acceptance or decline letter in the mail f we passed or not.

    That's just rude! LOL
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    The school that I took the NET at doesnt even send out our scores! They said that we will know if we get an acceptance or decline letter in the mail f we passed or not.
    Ooh, that is rude! We get a printout right after we are finished so we know right away how we did.

    Batman, the reading section is 30 questions in 30 minutes. I read fast, so I never went over my allotted time, but I know a lot of people who did. It really messed them up having gone over. I was really nervous about the math, but I aced it no problem. The reading is what I am best at, and the 1st time I barely passed it. This last time I did much better, but still not good enough imao! I made a 92%, so it defitely is passable. Just go in relaxed, and read FAST, but accurately! You will also take a reading speed test, so do your best on that, too!

    Best if luck~
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    Thanks again!! Did you take the computer or paper version?! Mine is paper which I have heard is better in that you can review the reading section easier. I need all the help I can get.

    The passages in the book to practice on are short so I am hoping that is true of the real test as well. lol

    92% is great!! Congrats!!

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