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I know the math and science sections are, but I was wondering if the testtaking, stress, etc. tests were as well. Thanks!! :wavey:... Read More

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    Blessed...Hi!! Did you have an actual science test on the NET or just reading based on science?! My school said the reading is based on something scientific, but that we didn't need to actually study chem, etc. for it. Did you have the English portion i.e. written expression on yours?! My school says we don't have that. Thank God. lol

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    Hey Batman,

    Yes, we actually had a Science portion on there.It was about 10 questions and covered the 4 different sciences. It supposedly doesn't count against the person taking the test, feeling is, why would they put it on there of they don't at least look to see how you did!!! When I took it the 1st time, I didn't get not 1 question correct, and I had taken A&P 1 and intro to A&P and was in A&P 2 and Micro. IMO, would they really want to accept someone who missed ALL the questions relating to A&P and Micro since that is what the person would be doing for a living?!? But, yeah, there are questions on there. If you were able to see my attachment, it labels all the different sections that was on my test.

    Yes, the 1st test I took was a scientific reading, and it was the one that was more difficult. There wasn't much of a difference as far as being able to tell "regular" reading vs "scientific" reading, but it was more opinionated, and obviously more difficult. Also, we did have the written expression that was part of the reading, but supposedly not counted against us. But...the main thing to remember is...IT IS STILL DOABLE AND PASSABLE!:spin:

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