Done with Nursing?

  1. I've been pondering this for nights now... And it's making me alittle upset... I want to be a nurse... But sooo many people are saying that now ALOT of hospitals only want BSN qualified nurses... I can't afford the BSN route right now. I wanted to just do the nursing program at my community college but I've heard that no one needs ADNs much anymore... So now I feel stuck... I almost want to cry because I want this so badly. My plan was to get my ADN and then do an RN to BSN program. But if I never get hired by anyone, how can I get tuition reimbursement or even afford to pay for it myself. This is seriously hurting me and I don't know what else to do. Should I just give up on my dream and just go for something else I probably won't like anyway?

    It's hard to see if it's even worth it to keep going right now... I just started my pre reqs last semester so I guess I'm not too deep in the "dead end" hole...
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  3. by   Tamia's Mom
    Don't give up! Anything worth having us painful to obtain,but rewarding in the end!!
  4. by   Kimynurse
    There are other jobs for nurses, not just in hospitals. If your dream is to be a nurse go for it.
  5. by   soxgirl2008
    Where do you live? It really depends where you live...the area I live is still very ADN friendly and my hospital regularly hires ADN nurses. Yes, it's harder if you live in a major city that has a lot of BSN programs, but many rural areas have no problem hiring ADNs. I wouldn't give up on it just because you can't afford a BSN right away. Try to get a job in a hospital while you're in school. That gives you a foot in the door, and many hospitals will hire internal employees first (assuming you're a good employee). As soon as you graduate enroll in a RN-BSN program. Some hospitals will overlook that you don't have the BSN yet if you are in the process of getting it. Just a warning though, not all hospitals are doing tuition reimbursement. Many hospitals around here don't because of the economy and everythingMany LTC facilities still hire ADNs. It may not be ideal for you, but if you can't find a hospital job work in LTC while you're finishing your BSN. Or could you take the BSN pre reqs at your cc and then possibly transfer to a BSN program? That would make it cheaper
  6. by   zoe92
    Like soxgirl2008 said, it depends where you live. I am going for my BSN but that's because I am planning on relocating after I graduate. Where I currently live is a small county that partners with two other small counties & share about 3 hospitals, all which still hire ADNs because the area is more rural. But I am a hour either way from 2 big cities that has hospitals which only hire BSN. I say go for your ADN with the plan to eventually get your BSN & you should be fine.
  7. by   Everline
    They hire plenty of nurses with an ADN where I live. As has been said, it depends on your location. Find out what's going on around where you live and then make a plan of how you are going to eventually get your BSN. A hospital is just one place a nurse can work.
  8. by   princesax11
    Do NOT give up if this is what you truly want. My cumulative gpa isn't high enough for BSN programs, but my prereq gpa is so far and as long as I score high on the HESI next year I will get in. Do the ADN program and investigate if the hospitals around you are hiring ADNs. If not, just work at a LTC facility for a few years and save up money for your RN-BSN program. Don't give up if you really want to be a nurse! I'm not giving up even though I had to take 2 years off of college for work and moving.