Do you have a nursing specialty you know you want to pursue? Do you have a nursing specialty you know you want to pursue? | allnurses

Do you have a nursing specialty you know you want to pursue?

  1. 0 Just for fun - for all of us hopefuls

    Do you know specialty you want to work in?

    I'm undecided and open to what clicks with me - but I'm thinking maybe NICU, L&D or ER.

    How about you?
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    I think I'd enjoy NICU or hospice the most. To be honest I'd like to move up as quickly as possible into management or teaching, or maybe eventually become a nurse midwife or nurse practitioner.

    Not to picky, but I'm not a fan of gore so I dont think ER or surgery will be for me. You never know though.
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    I'd really like to work in Oncology or the ER. I have also been thinking long term about becoming a NP down the road. I wonder how much this will change once I go through clinicals...
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    Pediatric Oncology. I love kids and being able to work with them would be amazing for me and fulfilling
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    CRNA, so starting off in ICU. If I don't get hired right away in ICU the ER until I can transfer.
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    CRRN then CRNA
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    I'm not sure which clinical specialty I'll be most interested in, but I'm definitely looking forward to a travel gig once eligible.

    <<< that's me leaving for my first travel assignment <smile>
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    Emergency medicine! I love it. I've worked in the ED since I was 18 in 2008 and I wouldn't have it any other way. I think I would thoroughly enjoy peds but don't know if I'd be up for dealing with the parents. Floor nursing just seems so boring to me! I know there's much more to it (and no disrespect) but I feel like they just sit around push meds all day. The ED offers so much more than that (IMO). It's crazy and fast-paced and again, I just love it.
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    I either want to work in the cardio or neuro ICU (be an ACNP) or become a CRNA.
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    These are all awesome specialities, and as I am sure your aware of, extremely difficult to get into as a GN. However, it can be done... I am living proof of it!

    As one of the PP said, expect your opinions on your choice of speciality to possibly change through clinicals. Some of my classmates were still undecided upon graduation of where they'd like to be, so they took general pcu level floors as their first jobs.

    I got into nursing to "do" oncology or peds. As luck would have it, these were my first two rotations in the hospital and I disliked them with a passion. Thought I would like peds so much and was so disappointed and in disbelief that I didn't like it that I applied to and eventually scored an awesome practicum in peds just to see if I truly disliked it... Still hated it. However, I discovered my passion for NICU through nursing school and couldn't imagine doing anything else. Good luck!!! Nursing is so eclectic that there is room for all of our varied passions.
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    I figured I'd want ER or trauma ICU for the excitement, but once I became an LPN and started working with babies on ventilators, it's making me lean toward PICU/NICU. I want to keep my options open for possible CRNA in the future, but for now, I really want to become the best peds nurse possible. It also helps that the CRNA near me accepts PICU/NICU experience for their critical care requirements.
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    Excuse my naivety - I don't know as much about nursing as I would like - CRRN is critical care? I'm not sure.
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    Psych or ED.

    Sometimes it's pretty much the same thing.