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After this term I will be applying my first time to nursing school. I have some concerns, however. In my early college career, I received a few Fs and withdrew from a lot of courses. I was unsure... Read More

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    I really can relate with these stories. I dabbled in school after i dropped out of high school. I have 8 withdraws, one "f" in creative writing, one "f" in a non-credit math course (which has been replaced with a "B", huge gaps in school fa2006-sp2007, fa2009-sp2010, sp2011-current. I am also concerned that this will effect me when the admissions board of UMSON's BSN program is reviewing me. My most current semesters however are a 3.7. I mean business now! I know what I want to do and honestly, I'll apply 10x if I have to. I know I'm capable, and persistent as hell when I want something..
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