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I did not know where to post this information. This is an informational post. The reason I am posting this to tell everybody not to post their email address on any social media, boards or things of that nature. I had to learn the... Read More

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    Quote from sebig001
    . Who reads the TOS these days?
    You should read the TOS before agreeing to it. My Dad always told me "Never sign anything you haven't read" and it is wise advice.

    Thank you for posting this.....anyone who is posting their e-mail address here for tips, study sheets, test stuff and links are asking for trouble.

    The posting of your own email is not prohibited by AN. Posting your friends e-mail, however, is prohibited.

    The posting of your e-mail is strongly discouraged to protect "your" (the collective you not you, you) privacy. Privacy is of the utmost importance at AN.
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