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Ok so I had a midterm yesterday. I have been studying for a little over two weeks straight for this example. I would go over the material she has posted online (she likes to do everything on power int) she also just does her... Read More

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    Talk to you instructor.
    Talk to your academic counselor.
    Read everything.
    Highlight what seems most important.
    Make diagrams.
    Do end of chaper quizzes.
    Find activities and other resources on the internet.
    Learn how your instructor works and play the game.
    Youtube can be your friend.
    Tape yourself and listen to yourself reading your notes.
    Try to teach what you are studying to an imaginary audience (sounds odd, but if you can teach it, you understand it and if you get lost or stumble, then you have found a weak point you need to work on).
    Please, prepare yourself for this frustration in other classes because you will encounter it many times.
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    Quote from Dezy
    We did not get one of these except for a different class.


    I'm Canadian so I don't think I will be taking NCLEX. From what I heard our material is even harder than the stuff in te states. I remember going to the library and finding a NCLEX book, and thinking gee, this doesn't look too bad at all... then I found out we don't get the same thing. I saw our questions and then realized theres a big difference.

    As for the rest everything else... I got a horrid mark and if I'm lucky the bell curve will save me. Our class average dropped around 10% i think.

    Not exactly sure what people on this thread think I should be doing.... if I'm not directed by my teacher. Some people managed to make some suggestions to which I appreciate... those that made comments pretty much telling me to deal with it... might be more helpful if you suggest something. Im willing to listen and apply it. I just want to be successful.
    We HAVE been suggesting something. Study it all.Your teacher is not going to "direct" you to all the answers.You need to take responsibilty. The teacher will not direct you to every single word you need to study. The CRNE will be based on all of it.
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    I hardly ever had study guides or even looked at my professors notes. I looked and studied the entire chapters that would be covered on the test. Like someone else mentioned, definitely study it all!
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    My suggestion was to read all the chapters. I don't think I was being vague at all. Read the chapters. All of them. From beginning to end. Maybe read them a 2nd time.
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    Be careful what you post on this site people are extremely negative and almost always think they are better and smarter than you...I suggest looking for advice elsewhere because people here most of the time never want to support you its pathetic to me. I've read so many threads on this site and its disgusting how some of the people respond. People get on here looking for advice and support from fellow nurses and students and basically everyone just tells you to suck it up and get over it. I understand that the nursing field is tough and constructive criticism is ok and definitely necessary but there is a way to say it. And everyone needs to remember that we all start from the same places and were once in each other shoes.
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    Well hun, welcome to the wonderful world of nursing. Not in regards to your A&P class, but in relation to the overwhelming negativity that you’ve just endured. THIS is what you will encounter in your career and throughout nursing school. That whole "break you down to build you up" mentality. Are you sure that you’re ready for this? lol.
    I get what you are saying in regards to your teacher. My A&P teacher didn’t use powerpoints, a syllabus with an outline of what the class covered, didn’t give out handouts, and didn’t give out any assignments really. He just stood in front of the class and told us whatever he could remember from the top of his head. He didn’t use any guidelines or anything. His lectures were completely unstructured. Basically, he was winging it. He was a good teacher….when he felt like teaching. Half of our class either flunked out or dropped the class all together. Our professor even regularly admitted that he failed/forgot to go over information that we needed to know. I felt as if I had to teach myself 75% of the information of what I needed to know for the class. I read my textbook, used other resources (including Youtube) to absorb any information that I could find. I have a high A in my class, and I only have my final exam left. It’s been rough, but I made it.
    I know that it can be tough, but unfortunately some teachers do the bare minimum and expect you to teach yourself. I don’t think that it’s about being spoon fed. It’s about being paid to provide a service and failing to deliver. People get ****** over not having ketchup on a $2 burger, so why should mediocre education be acceptable? Crappy teachers DO exist. Anywho, you will encounter this dilemma throughout college/nursing school. There’s really nothing that you can do, except over prepare yourself for everything (including reading ahead, during, and after chapters are being discussed in lecture) and hope for the best. It’s been working for me so far. Good luck J
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    Quote from britney705
    ....everyone needs to remember that we all start from the same places and were once in each other shoes.
    That's why she is getting the so called "negative" feedback. We have been there already and our advice comes from experience. After being blind sided by a few tests we have figured out what the OP hasn't. We aren't being negative, just realistic.
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    One test we had in school, the entire class did extremely poor on. We challenged it, because if the whole class did poorly, that says something about the test. We won that battle.
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    I don't think anyone is trying to be super negative. I can say with certainty that I am not. However, the OP asked if it was bad teaching and everyone is just trying to explain to her that it is her responsibility, as a grown woman, to study for her own tests without having her teacher guide her as to what to study. No negativity, just answering a question. I really don't see how that's trying to "break someone down" at all. There are many people that come on this site to ask opinions. Then, they get people's opinions, stated respectfully. If those opinions are in disagreement with what the OP wanted to hear, all of a sudden everyone's being negative and mean.

    Believe it or not, that is being supportive. By saying that "no, it's your fault and here's how you can fix it", we're trying to help.
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    Well stated rubato! That was my intent with my post... Take responsibility. Nursing is a hard career filled with life long learning. After graduation, we still have sooo much more to learn and no one can entirely guide us through this process. A lot of what you learn is then applied to critical thinking processes that are vital to nursing.

    As the op stated, her test is way harder then NCLEX... So A&P should be really easy!!! The human body is the same whether from the U.S. or Canada!
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