can i take the CNA test without going to class?

  1. i actually took some CNA previews, and i did pretty good at it!

    would it make any difference on my acceptance at the University?

    guys i need your help here!!!


    pray for me!
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  3. by   cmonkey
    Quote from Csantos
    i actually took some CNA previews, and i did pretty good at it!

    would it make any difference on my acceptance at the University?

    guys i need your help here!!!


    pray for me!
    I don't know about your state, but in MN you are REQUIRED to have X hours of classroom time as well as clinicals before you can take the test. I think it's mandated federally, so everyone must have said training. TBS, you can obtain it at a LTC facility, but you still have to have the training. I think. :wink2:
  4. by   bethin
    In most if not all states you have to attend so many hours of classroom work and clinicals. Much like if you were attending RN or LPN school.

    So no, don't think you can skip that part. If your school interviews applicants then it may help you but I doubt that they will accept you just because you are a CNA. You have to meet or exceed the requirements.

    I know at least in my state, Indiana, that you can work as a nurse extern after one semester of clinicals even if you were not previously a CNA. Here though, it's pretty much CNA work with a little extra pay. In my facility they can insert foleys and that's about it.

    Best of luck on the NET! Let us know how you do.
  5. by   Dream2BANurse
    Check some of the LTC facilities, I took a 2 week course from 8-5 Monday-Friday and got certified.

    Good luck on the NET!
  6. by   9livesRN
    i just tought about that since i saw their test it is ridiculously easy!!!

    i will investigate here in FLA they are asking 325$ for 40 hours worth of class and your fed exam, the writtena and the hands on!
  7. by   Mom2Chaos
    I have been "investigating" taking the CNA exam for the extra "points" to get into NS. In Florida, you can challenge the test without taking the class. I found an "online" class for $39.95 that goes over what is on the test. I also found a "booklet" that goes over the state requirements.
    I hope this helps!



    I do not know ANYTHING about this school/class. It is something that I found this morning while researching the whole CNA licensing criteria, but I thought I would share it since it seems timely to your post.
  8. by   9livesRN

    I was interested in that just because...

    and since my program does not start untll fall, i could use a CNA 3rd shift...

    My program will start in september (based on the fact that i will be selected!)

    there for the first 8 months are gen eds, and the major classes dont start until may 09...

    so i could actualy work 2 jobs from now, to the end of gen eds, and save enough to try not to work when the boat picks up the speed

    I am considering CNA because that will be extra experience!!

    then my co-worker stated "CNA"?? those are like "certified but wippers"
  9. by   ZooMommyRN
    FL BON allows you to challenge the test if you are enrolled in a nursing program, once you get accepted and are almost done with fundamentals they will allow you to challege, there are contact numbers on the BON website, call and ask them if they've made any changes, along with the written exam there are also clinical skills that you have to pass proficiency in, bed baths, pt transport and moving them from bed to chair vice versa, vitals and I believe there might be one or two other tasks. Good Luck!
  10. by   Mom2Chaos
    here is the "challenger" info from the booklet, as of 1/1/08:

    e 3--challenger
    select this certification route if you
    have never been trained as a nursing
    assistant in florida or any other state and have no nursing assistant experience,
    and believe that you can pass the exam without training.

    while a state-approved training program is not required prior to
    testing, it is strongly recommended. individuals must be at least 18-years-old,
    or have a high school diploma or equivalent to "challenge" the exam without
    completion of an approved training program.

    category e-1 is for people that have taken na classes or training. category e-2 is for people that are currently in ns.
    i have not researched this prior to now, so i do not know if category "e-3" is new, but clearly the florida bon now allows anyone to apply to challenge the test.

  11. by   9livesRN
    thanks guys i will actually call some schools today to get some info and i will post here!