BSN program that only looks at pre-req GPA, not overall?

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    Does anyone known of a BSN program anywhere that only looks at pre-requisite GPA? My overall isn't great because I goofed around my first bit in college. After graduating and having my bachelors in Marketing a couple years I am ready to be serious about my BSN. Anywhere in the US is an option for me. I'm open. Currently live in TN.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Purdue Calumet (in Hammond, IN) will look at your new grades vs. the old one's if your classes are older than 5yrs. I am repeating a lot of classes to bump up my GPA to get into this school. Call or e-mail the nursing office at schools in your area and see what they have to say.
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    Many schools look at just the last 60 units for BSN the more pre-requisite and other classes you take and get A's in, the higher your GPA will be by eliminating older grades.
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    UW-Milwaukee in Wisconsin only looks at your pre-req GPA.

    Also consider looking into Accelerated BSN programs since you already have a bachelors, it'd probably take less time.

    I think UW-Oshkosh might only look at your pre-req GPA too...but I'm not positive.
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    Idaho State University at the ISU-Meridian (Boise) Health Sciences Campus. Great School, program near 100% NCLEX pass rate.
    Program Starts in January, but the application deadline has already passed for this incoming class. If its a good possibility, its very affordable if you establish residency in Idaho before you start.
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    Some schools will also let you fill out a form and petition to get a "fresh start". In my case the classes (from 20 years ago) stay on my transcript and count...but don't get figured into my GPA. My advisor told me about is on their website but you almost have to know about it and be looking for it to find it.
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    Austin Peay State University - Clarksville, TN

    They look at pre-req GPA only and you have to take the TEAS test to get in.

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    UW-Milwaukee looks at both GPA's but weighs more on the nursing GPA instead of overall. They also look at more than just your GPA. Volunteer work is huge for the application. Also, if you write a great essay, you're golden. I know some people with a 3.5GPA that were rejected and some with a 2.9 that were accepted. It's what you can bring to the table that counts... =)
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    Are you sure UW-Milwaukee looks at both? I go to UW-Parkside which is the consortial program for UWM, it's the same program as UWM, same requirements and same professors and your degree says UW-Milwaukee and I know here they only look at your nursing GPA, and I was told by my advisor that it was the same for both programs.
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    I think they look at both, but focus on the nursing GPA. That's what my adviser told me, at least. But I've noticed that college advisers don't really know what's going on anyways. So, you may be right!

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