Books I Recommend to Fellow Students

  1. Periodically I will see students post a thread asking for recommendations on books that they can use either to get a head-start on reviewing nursing materials, or books to help with the more difficult classes such as A&P. Many times, the books recommended are the more commonly advised ones, such as the Incredibly Easy series and the Reviews and Rationales series. Both of those series are incredibly awesome, and I highly recommend them as well.

    I wanted to share a few titles, along with the links to them on Amazon, of books that I don't see mentioned too often. These books are incredibly descriptive, visual and user-friendly, and I highly recommend them as a student that has been in a nursing program before, and has gone through some of the harder sciences. These books are a great resource for students to have in their collection of supplemental materials.

    The first two especially; Netter's Anatomy Atlas and The Complete Human Body book, I cannot recommend enough. They should at the front of the bookcase for any visual learner who is taking any of the human sciences, especially A&P, and even through MedSurg classes and beyond. They are incredible.

    So if students are looking for any supplements to their classes for A&P, basic math used in dosage calculations, or some of the fundamental skills taught in nursing classes, take a look at some of these books.

    Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy

    The Complete Human Body (Book & DVD-ROM)

    The Home Lab: A Photo Guide for Anatomy Lab Materials

    The Anatomy Student's Self-Test Visual Dictionary

    Davis's Basic Math Review for Nurses

    Lippincott's Visual Nursing: A Guide to Diseases, Skills, and Treatments

    Also, lastly, there is the Aceland Human Anatomy DVD's. I have not used these personally, however I have spoken with students that have and they absolutely love them. They highly recommend them for visual learners, so it is something I plan to investing in. They also appear to have high ratings and great reviews from other students on Amazon's website, so it may be something other students are interested in checking out as well.

    I hope some of these recommendations are helpful to other students out there!
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  3. by   determined_30
    Any for principles of biology
  4. by   Trenata
    Thanks, I just bought the Netter's Atlas book after seeing your post and the awesome reviews on Amazon. I also have the Davis Math book and highly recommend it!!
  5. by   16mm
    thank you!
  6. by   MrsStudentNurse
    This is great, thank you!!
  7. by   hunnybunches
    Thank you so much! ^_^ I have been looking for something like this post! I start school May and I wanted to get a heads up on studying.
  8. by   SunsetButterfly
    Thank you for posting, will check out these books! My hubby thinks I'm nuts for doing so much pre-reading but I want to be prepared
  9. by   lauraline
    Thanks to the OP for this info. I will probably need to do a review soon.

    Quote from SunsetButterfly
    Thank you for posting, will check out these books! My hubby thinks I'm nuts for doing so much pre-reading but I want to be prepared
    I learned that pre-reading helps immensely!!! I think I never would have earned my A's if I hadn't done so.

    This sounds funny but I also got really into watching the tv-show BONES, and the novels by Kathy Reichs which the show is based on is fascinating. I became obsessed with anatomy, haha.