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BA with VERY low GPA, want to do 2 year RN program - page 2

Hello everyone! I'm pretty sure there are tons of forums on this very topic(believe me I have read them) but i still have more questions.... I graduated with an undergrad degree in... Read More

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    Thanks for all of your input! Almost forgot I made this post!

    It's been 8 or 9 months and I am currently at NCC doing summer classes retaking statistics and english 102. I hope they will bypass my old transcript because I plan to ACE all the pre-reqs! One thing I learned is NEVER give up! Even though my grades were bad my last 3 semester grades showed my growth. While some programs are telling me no there is going to be one program that will tell me yes! I think I will get my ASN and do an RN to BSN. I did want to do a straight BSN but i'm trying to be realistic. I will still apply for BSN programs but plan on applying to the Spring 2014 NCC evening program!

    Anyone have any sucess stories to share whoever is in this same situation?

    I'll appreciate immensely!
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    I will be honest, it's best retaking anything with a C or below. I did it & my gpa went from a 1.93 to a 3.47 it's worth a shot!!