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Hello, I am a freshman in college in the second term currently with 33 credits. I have found interest in a nursing program and came in with a Intro to psyc credit, 2 Social science credits and 2 general electives. I planned on... Read More

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    Yeah, I heard suburban hospital JHU was asking nurses to all get their BSN soon. Thanks for the information; everything was useful. There should be more resources like this for almost every career out there. You guys are very helpful. Would it be useful or helpful to admissions to have an ADN at all?

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    There are plenty of RN to BSN programs that you can apply to if you get your ADN first, so I guess in that respect it would be "useful," as you would be applying to a program specifically for those who are already nurses. But if you can just get the BSN straight away, that makes the most sense, unless you really need to start working as a nurse ASAP.

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