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A professor in my past semester at college left a very powerful idea with me, one that I think can really benefit a lot of people on this board. I walked into my first day of Anatomy & Physiology... Read More

  1. by   16mm
    I wish everyone in my class could read this! So much victim language is used!
  2. by   meeep
    I wish everyone in my class could read this. All anyone talks about is how they come straight from work, so they can't read before class, or how they have families, so they don't have time to study on the weekends. I really wonder what they were thinking when they registered for a summer A&P class. It seems like they all expect the teacher to just hand them the A's that they "NEED" without any of the effort.
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  4. by   dmk3
    It is frustrating and exhausting to hear others complain. We all have circumstances!!!! Own up to your mistakes. We all make mistakes, not all of us can be perfect. Part of learning is fixing your mistakes. It's pathetic to blame others especially your own children.
  5. by   Corpsman514
    Wow!! This thread needs to be highlighted and should be read by ALL! I've been there, for many years. I've been a victim of my own since I first attempted college in fall of 09. I dropped because I was failing my full time schedule due to "work" versus my inability to manage time and priorities effectively. The last time I did this was just last semester, again due to being an idiot. Not this semester, not anymore. I will own up and take responsibility, I don't want to be THAT student or THAT NURSE.
  6. by   nursingismycalling25
    Best post I've ever read. Thank you.
  7. by   ourgirls
    Thank you
  8. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    I think some people post their struggles on these boards because they are seeking help or inspiration. They want to hear from someone who had a similar situation and how they persevered. A lot of people are nervous because they are just starting out and are looking for direction. I agree that there are MANY people who do not apply themselves and then complain because they score a "F" on a test. These folks often blame a professor when they should look in the mirror. This is especially true with younger students who attend college and think they can party to midnight every other night, go back to the dorm and study to 0200, then grab a few hours sleep and head to class. I say this because I was that student back in the 80's. I've tried that approach and the best you can hope for is mediocrity. Most folks back in school at my age are juggling a job, kids, etc.. I have to plan my day out so when I get home from work, I have a plan that allows me to attend class and study. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball like my mom passing away this year. I just had to talk to the A&P Professor and he graciously gave me more time to submit my assignments. I'm an Instructor myself for a Fortune 500 Company. When I have a student I know is trying very hard, I will go above and beyond to help them pass the class. On the other hand, if I have a student obviously not paying attention, jaw jacking with the person next to them all day, have a bad attitude, or sleeping.... My attitude is "if they pass, they pass, if they don't, their fault". With all the above said, there are also some bad Professors out there. They range from habitually missing classes, to being extremely arrogant and unwilling to help, to the ones who just pass everyone irregardless if they miss half of the classes and never turn in an assignment. I even had a Sociology teacher that referred to white men as devils. Needless to say, being a white male, I quickly decided this class was not for me and dropped it.