Anatomy & physiology 2A

  1. Hello everyone, I'm new here! This is my first thread, and I just wanted to know if there are any good free website for anatomy & physiology where you can test yourself or websites that help with the class . I'm really anxious because I'm taking this class fall semester and want to do good in it. Any good tips from people who have token the class already mind sharing them ? I also need opinions, just out of curiosity, is A&P harder then micro ? Thanks guys !
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  3. by   Simplistic
    Khan Academy!
  4. by   Joseizking
    I've used khan academy before for chemistry, it was somewhat useful, but the only thing I didn't really like from it was the it can be very very messy and sometimes sloppy writing in the video toturials. I'll try and check it out for A&P thanks! (:
  5. by   Tess73
    For videos, many of my classmates watched Mandi Parker's anatomy lectures on YouTube. She is able to talk slowly (which is amazing when you have a professor who doesn't haha) and break down the information in a way that is helpful. Many times I would watch her video on a body system before I went to class so that I was already familiar hearing the terms and general facts. Many people also enjoy using quizlet to test themselves on the material. You'll do fine in a/p as long as you know how you personally study best! It's honestly just memorization for the most part . Good luck!
  6. by   Joseizking
    Hey! I found out about her videos a few days ago! They do look really helpful and the fact that others watched too, and find it useful, then it must be a good resource for that class! &I thank you about quizlet I'll check it out. I see, thank you ! (:
  7. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    I've heard some people use CrashCourse videos and my friend told me to check out Armando Hasudungan as well. You may be able to find quizlet questions other people have made if you want to test yourself. I thought can't quite say which one is easier. I thought A&P I was easy, but I took it over six weeks and there were people you wanted to just strangle for various reasons. Microbiology I took over a normal term and never had to study for the class. I REALLY enjoyed the lecture and lab, but my professor was very particular about certain things like metrics. I missed easy points because I could not get out of the way I was taught to do metrics. I was going to take A&P II with Micro, but I was burned out from the short first semester of it and I had some other things that popped up. I am not very excited for A&P II if I am honest with myself, but it is my last prerequisite. You'll hear mixed opinions about which one is easier.
  8. by   Joseizking
    Will definately watch some crash course videos ! &I never heard of Armando Hasudungan, I will definately check him out ! Never studied for micro? Is it really that easy? What was your grade in micro? I'm curious. I see. Well good luck on A&PII! I still need both A&P & micro.
  9. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    I thought Micro was about as hard as A&P. I did study, but not as much as I probably should have, though I did make an A in the class.

    A&P II was slightly harder than A&P I, because it's a lot more in depth and you'll draw on a lot of things that you learned in A&P I. I didn't find any of these three classes to be what I would consider difficult.

    Good luck.
  10. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    Well, I never had to study because I was really engaged during lecture (and lab). If there was a question asked by the professor, I would be the one answering it (even if just in my head). Not even going to lie, my professor told me to stop answering all the questions one time. I also asked questions right away when I had them. I had an easier time than most, but I was incredibly interested in what was being presented and I had a teacher in high school teach me how to take tests (I weed out a lot of choices that way). I did get an A in the class and I might tutor for the course (I think you might be at the same school that I am) so you may run into me at some point. As a disclaimer, I started off at a Biochemistry and Philosophy double major. I took Honors Biology and what I learned from that course and my other courses really helped me to succeed. If you are able to connect different topics between subjects then I think it will help tremendously.

    If you are taking A&P with who I think you might be (I try not to drop any names), I definitely have tips that you can use for his class. He is tough, but very fair. I would recommend brushing up on basic bio and chem for the first exam.

    And thank you for wishing me luck! I appreciate it so much. I am a tad nervous and not quite looking forward to it, but I picked the professor carefully and know what to expect.
  11. by   Joseizking
    i feel much more relieved now that someone said its not that hard. I really don't think it'll be hard for me either since I quit my job last week so I can really focus on school, and especially bring up my GPA. Thanks for the tips starrynites! I'm never really interactive in class, but I will try to be as interactive as I can in this class since it looks like it's really helpful and beneficial ! & I took bio in spring semester and chemistry last year so definately will make connections with those classes for A&P! What school do you go too? I currently am going to RCC (that's my home school) BUT taking classes at Norco this semester because the classes at rcc got really full fast. I will definately review some bio &I chemistry before class starts because I have a lot of Time atm, and I really want to be prepared!

    We are both nervous haha! We got this though!
  12. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    You are welcome! Focusing on school and making it a priority will do wonders for your GPA. These classes have their own challenges, but if you approach them the right way and with the mindset you will see that they are not nearly as horrendous as you might think.

    Being interactive also has the added advantage of having your professor see that you're trying. Go to their office hours if you need to or even to just chat about life. You may need a Letter or Recommendation for outside nursing programs or scholarships. Come grading time, I truly believe many professors tend to give favor to students that they are familiar with (who they know are trying to succeed) who may have a grade on the edge of another.

    We have the same home campus! I did take Psych 9 over the summer through an online professor at Norco though. The classes do get quite full quickly. If you still need General Education courses or anything, consider joining the Honors Program. You get priority registration which helps out tremendously. I just finished the amount of classes needed to complete the program, but I fear it has no bearing on the nursing program (it could look good for transferring though).

    Off the top of my head... for Bio look at cellular organization (atoms make up molecules which make up organelles, etc.), osmosis, diffusion, etc. and for chemistry focus on the components of an atom (protons, neutrons, electrons). Stuff like that. I do not think we looked at calculations at all.
  13. by   Joseizking
    That's true sadly, I didn't really make school my priority, I didn't really care when I came to college, maybe because I went to college right after high school and still had a high school mindset, now I'm really focused in school to bring up my GPA. I am positive that they won't be as bad !

    Your are completely right on that! I am definitely gonna go to office hours because they are really useful.

    Wow that is crazy! Nice to see someone else from rcc here! I'm almost done with my general education probably a few more, I also need A&P 1 & 2 & micro. I'm basically finishing up. Not sure if I still qualify. I tried joining a program just so I can get priority registration but I don't qualify for any anymore . What classes do you still need to take to apply for the program?

    Awesome, thank you!
  14. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    I waited quite awhile to go back to school. I am so glad that I did because I really needed that time to mold myself.

    It is pretty crazy for sure! If you have at least a 2.0 GPA (I think that is the minimum) then see if you apply for the honors program. We only vhave 20 people per class and I feel like this encourages you to participate. You can knock out some general education courses for sure.

    I only need AMY 2B. I do plan on taking statistics in the winter for those extra few points. I look at my calculus series and wonder why they just won't take it. I view stats as a form of cruel and unusual punishment. I am taking it with my friend and she will give me a kick as needed to get through. I plan on applying in the Spring to start Fall 2018.