Am I worth being a nurse?

  1. Hello, fellow nurses and nursing students!

    I've recently finished my pre-requisites for the Nursing Programs at CSUEB and I'm scared I won't become a nurse because of how impacted it is to become a nurse in California.

    I have a GPA of 3.77 (CSUEB preq. classes), however I have a score a 64% from the ATI TEAS exam (I plan to retake it in a week from now but I am scared I'll won't score as high as the competitive which is 80%). I also gained experience from home cares by working for elderly with no certifications but I've been working with patients while going to CSUEB for approximately 400 + hours. Ive gotten all As & Bs but never a C.

    I've applied to CSULA, CSUEB, & CSUB. I am trying to apply for CSULA but the deadline is before my retake of TEAS, should I still apply with the 64% TEAS score?

    I feel like all hope is lost for me because of my TEAS score.. Is there any suggestions/hope/ guidance or recommendations you guys can give me as a pre-nursing student striving to become a nurse?

    Am I worthy of becoming a nurse...?
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  3. by   kaylee.
    Well you definitely want to retake that teas test which you are doing. It cant hurt to apply this quarter with the score you have now...your other stats look pretty competitive.

    Have you considered other programs than the CSUs?
  4. by   beautyofnursing
    I've been doing research for other school, however, I haven't found many nursing school except for accelerating schools like Unitek college or Carrington College which I am not really interested due to expenses and trying to manage a school/job community. I also found online nursing school, however, I want to be more hands on to enhance my personal learning skill as a nurse.

    Do you have any suggestions/recommendations?
  5. by   TipsyTurtle
    I live in California also and know how hard it is to get into any BSN programs. This is why I am applying to the ADN program at my community college. To get in you just need a 75 or higher on the Hesi and have around a 3.0 GPA. My school also has above a 90 NCLEX pass rate and is well respected almost all the students that graduate from the program have jobs immediately after nursing school. It is also a plus that the tuition for the program is around 5 grand, meaning no dept. I do plan on getting my BSN eventually and see if my employer can pay for it.