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Hello :) I have about a year left of pre requisites, and I know how competitive it is to be accepted into the actual nursing programs. Any tips on what I can do to prepare myself in applying? What is the number one thing they... Read More

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    I applied to two schools. One required an entrance test (NET) and the other just went off gpa. When I took my entrance test and went to go get my score they daid they never had an applicant with such a high score and granted me admission on the spot. The other one focused on gpa and also let me in. I would talk to each school to find out what they look for. One I talked to told me not to even apply if my pre-req gpa was not a 4.0. I did not apply there since they were too particular. Lol I had taken calculus and they said that did not prove I could do algebra so I would have had to take algebra. Again talk to the dept heads and not just the guidance counselors

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