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    So Im taking my first Algebra class in over 30 years. I can handle the the basic algebra problems but I want to be able to do it all. Algebra is like a puzzle to me and I do like it, I just wish I could remember everything. Some of this stuff I don't even need. Don't get me wrong, I understand why it is needed, I just wish it was easier.
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    I am 36 and hadn't had algebra since H.S. I took it in Fall semester, got an A! I never did well in math in H.S., but I found that I can really focus now and I actually enjoyed it. You are right, it is like a puzzle, and it really helped me to develop "deep thinking skills". I really had to dedicate quite a bit of time to doing the problems. I would do them over and over again until I knew that I had it down. Good Luck, you will do great!
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    I, too, have not had math in many, many years but I am doing it online through Clovis. One semester at a time! I really love doing it online; I find I can take as much time as I need to go through each chapter and take the quiz when I am ready, as long as it is before the week is out. I don't think I would have done as well in a traditional class. Algebra, at least for me, is best online!
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    I'm 35 and taking my 1st Algebra class since high school. I was always mathematically challenged but I have to say I am "getting" it now. Having an awesome teacher helps! Also I found a great site on line that you put in the equation and it gives you the steps of solving the problem and the answer.
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    can you share that wonderful math website?
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    I will find out today what I made on my first test but I'm not holding my breath for a good grade. Once it was in front of me it was like all my studying went out the window, I couldn't think straight at all. I do appreciate the suggestions in the responses I received and I think working out the problems many times until I really have it down will help me. Thanks so much!

    I found this site too and it is helpful if your not fully clear on something. They have great video tutorials!