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I'm signing up for classes and know no one that is going for nursing. So, what do you recommend? Chemistry on Tuesday and Thursdays or just Thursday? I already have A&P on Mon., Wed., and Fri. Thanks for any advice you have... Read More

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    The weird thing is that the one that's once a week is only 15 or 30 mins. more. So I think I'm going to go with the once a week
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    Quote from havehope
    The weird thing is that the one that's once a week is only 15 or 30 mins. more. So I think I'm going to go with the once a week
    How nice! If my classes are once a week, they typically go on forever lol. Good luck! My class didn't have a lab either. We had a weekly "recitation" class, which was mandatory. I had to sit there and listen to people ask what electrons were 6 weeks into the course!
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    i will start taking my first science this summer ap 1+lab, then after that, micro+lab, ap 2+Lab, and college alg. I would say to do what fits your schedule the best but do whatcha gotta do at the same time. see how much time either choice leaves you to study between class+labs...I think you will rock it! Just make sure you make time for you because the second nursing school starts, its adios to all that for a while...Good Luck and God Bless!
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    Is it possible the once a week class is a hybrid class, and that's why its only a little bit longer? My first year of school, I had to do long once a week classes in the evening, and I struggled in those classes much more than I've struggled in twice a week, shorter classes. I find I'm tuning out the professor half way through and I get hungry, which makes me want nothing more than to leave. I think being exposed to something more often for shorter amounts of time is going to be more effective than one long time a week because you're getting your mind into that mindset more often.
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    It depends on how you learn, your attention span, and the professor's ability. There are some professors you could listen to for hours on end...others, not so much. I generally like longer classes and enjoy spending as little time as possible on campus, so I personally would go for the once a week class.

    I'm taking A&P 2 and chem this semester and it is not too bad! The only difficulty I've had so far is pushing chem homework aside to study A&P. I'm still trying to balance that, but I have an A average in chem so it's all good.

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