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Advice from those that have had Chemistry already - page 2

I'm signing up for classes and know no one that is going for nursing. So, what do you recommend? Chemistry on Tuesday and Thursdays or just Thursday? I already have A&P on Mon., Wed., and Fri. ... Read More

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    Is it possible the once a week class is a hybrid class, and that's why its only a little bit longer? My first year of school, I had to do long once a week classes in the evening, and I struggled in those classes much more than I've struggled in twice a week, shorter classes. I find I'm tuning out the professor half way through and I get hungry, which makes me want nothing more than to leave. I think being exposed to something more often for shorter amounts of time is going to be more effective than one long time a week because you're getting your mind into that mindset more often.
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    It depends on how you learn, your attention span, and the professor's ability. There are some professors you could listen to for hours on end...others, not so much. I generally like longer classes and enjoy spending as little time as possible on campus, so I personally would go for the once a week class.

    I'm taking A&P 2 and chem this semester and it is not too bad! The only difficulty I've had so far is pushing chem homework aside to study A&P. I'm still trying to balance that, but I have an A average in chem so it's all good.