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Acceptance at long last!

  1. 4 omg i am so happy to finally be able to post this but i was finally accepted to csn's full time rn program for jan 2012!!!

    i am feeling nervousness, excitement, and extreme joy at finally being able to truly call myself a nursing student!! no longer am i a prenursing student...and so this is a so long to this stage in my academic career and a congrats in advance to all you other future student nurses!!!!
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    CONGRATS!!!! Wooooot!! Now it's time for you to celebrate!!lol
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    Congrats! All the hard work paid off eh?
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    Congratulations! I too am starting nursing school Jan 2012 and now that its finally official I'm realizing how much I have to do before school starts!

    Just bought some plain white t-shirts short and long sleeve to wear under my uniform. Next shopping trip I'll be looking for nude undergarments since we have white pants. I also need to get my immunizations/titers and physical but currently rehabbing from an injury so trying to put off the physical for a few more weeks. I also have to update my CPR, I'm hoping to do the 1/2 day at the end of November otherwise I'll end up doing a full day in December and really not looking forward to 8 hours of CPR class.
    My orientation is in 2 weeks. That is when I think the real panic will start.
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    Congratulations! How is your program ran? Do you go every week, with summers off?
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    congrats! Now, forget the TEAS exam. The true test begins at nursing class from day 1.

    @ AshleyAmzing, summers are off!