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    I'm really stressing out about this topic and would really love some advice on whether I should do a ABSN or MSN (for non-nursing college graduates).

    I currently graduated at a 4-year university with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. My ultimate goal is to become a nurse practitioner, but before then I want to work as an RN for a couple of years first so I'm considering doing either a ABSN or MSN to become an RN.

    Pros and cons of each? Suggestions (workload, pay and finding jobs after either degrees, etc.)? Thank you!
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    ABSN all the way, its usually cheaper. Especially if you want to work as a NP eventually, you really need some RN experience first.
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    I agree with the PP. I would do an ABSN first & later go back for the NP degree.
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    Had the same dilemma...ultimately chose the ABSN b/c it would allow for me to get the RN experience earlier, and I could enroll in a Masters or DNP prog while doing so, esp since I'm not definitive in what I'd like to specialize in at present.
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    I would say apply to both programs (that's what I did) and see which schools you get into and which programs you like best. How much experience do you have? Don't do an MSN program if you don't know what specialty you want to go into.
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    I too was torn for a while, however I finally decided to go for an ABSN first. My main reason for doing this was Job Opportunities. I learned that securing a NP Job with no actual RN experience was nearly impossible in my target. The direct entry MSN program I was considering most ultimately was going cost 100k (vs. 35-60k for the ABSN) as well as taking 2 years vs. 12-16 months. Ultimately I decided I couldn't risk 100k in loans to not even be able to find a job!! The ABSN route seemed to make the most sense for me. Good Luck to you in whatever you decide.

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