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I did not see another thread, so I thought I would start one for fellow students to chat and get support. Anyone else taking A&P I this spring?... Read More

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    Quote from StayHumble11

    How'd you do miss?
    Excellent! I really liked the subject so I am sure that helped.
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    Congrats! Still awaiting my final grade, but I'm confident I did well. Excited for A&P 2!! Anyone else taking it this summer??
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    meep - i'm taking a&p II this summer. i was so excited to see that it was the same instructor as this semester.

    so happy to have a three wk. break first, though.
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    Just did anatomy lecture exam and feeling pretty darn good about it. Whew!!! A month break )) ecstatic!!!
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    Congratulations to y'all that just concluded the A&P 1.
    Is there a word for those of us taking A&P 1 in summer?
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    Endowed - for lab, you will have to learn a ton (ie memorize) of bones/bony markings and muscles. I saw a lot of people struggle with the tissues, muscular, and the nervous system (especially action/graded potentials, saltatory conduction, functional areas of the cortex). If you can pay extra attention to those, you will be fine.
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    Thanks a bunch Meeep.
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    I got a 92% on my 2nd A&P I lecture exam & a 84% on A&P lab qui#3..yay!!
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    I'm so happy I'm done with A&P I, next stop will be A&P II. Nervous!
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    Congrats Trisha!!
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