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Hi just wondering who all will be taking this class in the spring. I created this forum so we can discuss how the class is going and to motivate each other.... Read More

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    I'm taking A&P 2 and Life Span Development.
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    I got a&pi and chemistry done this semester, spring is a&pII, psy, eng and critical thinking
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    Same here, together with Nursing Fundamentals which will be a very stressful semester for me.
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    I am taking it in January too. Along with Nursing 1 (fundamentals).
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    At my school A and P 1 was great, but I really loved A and P 2. I hope you do too!
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    Where did everyone go? How is everyone doing in this class? I got an A on the first Lecture and Lab exams, but it was only on the Endocrine system. I think it will get harder as more material is covered. It's hard because there are so many details and it's hard to know what the instructor will focus on unless they specifically tell you. I will take it over Micro any day - that was by far the hardest class I've taken in pre-reqs!
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    Good to here you got an A on your first exam! What are you using to study? Just reading your notes?

    I recieved a C =( BUT now that I know my teachers style I will give it 150%!
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    I took my first lecture test yesterday. Made a C also but made an A on my second lab test. I will studying hard to pass this class with an A.
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    I am taking A&P II this semester. So far I have an A.
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    Im taking A&P II. Have not recieved any grade yet but just took my lab practical on the heart. Think I got an A on it.
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    Busy class that is for sure. Mine is the 2nd term of 3. We have done one test on the brain and will be doing a second on cranial nerves and the autonomic nervous system this week. The first 4 lab practicals are done along with 3 online quizzes and our first case study assignment. Good times :-)
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    I am scheduled to take my first unit exam this week. My Professor basically made it possible for us to do well...and for that reson I can't score below a 90%. Studying faithfully is all I do. As for Micro...ummm.
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    Our first exam is Wednesday! I am nervous. I was spending all my time doing chemistry homework, but decided not to take the chem & apply to a differet BSN program. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be all day studying to make an A for A & P 2!