University of Cincinnati FNP fall 2013 anyone??? - page 5

by Christelize

Hello all! Just got my acceptance letter today for UC, nervous but excited at the same time to be going forward in my career! Any words of advice are greatly appreciated :-)... Read More

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    I applied to UC right before the Christmas holiday to start Summer 2014. I was told by a co-worker "I plan on getting my doctorate with them". That in itself sold me. Am thinking confidently that I will be accepted and have already prepared a fully operational study environment for a huge commitment. I will be working full time and this is the only school I am applying to, which was listed on my application. In less than two weeks from the application they should receive all my official transcripts and recommendation responses and am hoping they notice my promptness.
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    Hi Everyone!
    I applied to the program for Fall '14... I was just wondering how everyone in doing in the FNP program. Were you guys able to maintain working fulltime or did you have to drop to part time or prn...I am just trying to plan for the future what to do with my job..I also have a newborn so I was wondering if you guys think the program is manageable and your thoughts/input on the program so far! Thanks