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I just wanted to thank everyone who posted on this website from prior years! All of the advice really helped me prepare for my interview at VCU! I start August 2013. If anyone has questions about interviewing I'd love to help :)... Read More

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    Did you take grad level phys? If not, find one and take it. Or just audit one if you can, that way you save money. Sometimes they allow you to audit for a lower fee. If not, I found Dr Najeebs site very helpful. Wish I had watched more than just the respiratory portion! I paid for the 2 year access. I have watched other lectures, or parts of, here and there and he was helpful in other subjects areas as well. If you can really get some good studying in for physiology, it won't be so horrific. It is a major time eater. They are having a new edition of our book for that class come out for next year, so you should prob be able to get some pretty cheap of the current edition. I thought focusing on resp stuff would help me, gas laws, gas equations, etc, but really that has been very little so far. That part has been more manageable. The phys will kill you. And they talk about phys stuff in every other class so it overlaps, lol! Here is the current isbn: 978 1 4 16062 16 5. It doesn't cover everything, and it isn't even 'required' but get it and start memorizing. Or watch Dr. Najeeb repeatedly. Did you take gen chem and ochem already? I am very happy I went back and took them. Still happy I took physics too! lol

    Getting your life in order so you can study is going to be more important on a day to day basis. The - you is going to watch the kids if hubby works, should we get a nanny to help with kids and housework, write out the budget/bills so hubs knows when to pay what (unless he does already), make food and shopping lists - meal planning. If he doesn't shop have him start going with you to see what you buy, brands you like, etc. If he doesn't do a lot of independent time with the kids now, have him start doing road trips with them, small and long, errand running etc - as he will have to do it with kids in tow for a couple of years. Join homeschool groups on yahoo, there are a few in the area and they make playdates for the young kids - nice to see other parents and kids even if you are going to do public school. Try to move out early to know the area, visit the beach in the summer, go to Williamsburg, amusement park, hiking, etc, whatever you all like. If you all are here and in a pattern where the family is running okay without you there all day and evening before school starts, then it will go MUCH easier the first bit of school...when you are poleaxed from the amount of stuff they want you to know, but still need to do family stuff. Est the kids doctor, dentist, etc. Everything that will need to happen without you. Think of the next 2 years, think of any and everything that will need to happen and make a master calendar. We have one on evernote that we share back and forth, along with honey-do lists and meal planning. It helps to guide the day/week so he knows what i need without my having to harp on him, lol.

    And when you get here, my hubs is a stay at home dad and kids love to play with all ages. More than happy to have park days whenever.

    Feel free to continue here or message me. Good luck.
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    Congrats to all of you who go accepted! Awesome!
    Would u guys mind sharing how many years experience in critical care? GRE scores? GPA?
    Any advice...
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    Missnurse- I will PM you as soon as I have my 15 posts! I took grad level pathophysiology, gen chem, and the VCU medicinal chem course but I think the physiology book you recommended will be a good refresher. Also just downloaded evernote- I so appreciate your help.
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    Quote from cli632
    I just wanted to thank everyone who posted on this website from prior years! All of the advice really helped me prepare for my interview at VCU! I start August 2013. If anyone has questions about interviewing I'd love to help good luck to everyone still going through the grueling interview process!!
    I was wondering if you could share what your GPA, GRE, experience, etc. was. I know that VCU is ranked #1 in the nation so it has to be really competitive to get into it. What kinds of qualification make a person stand out? I know the minimum requirements from the website, but what are some things that I could do extra while I get my BSN that will make me more qualified?
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    Hi there! I got accepted to VCU 2014 as well! Can't wait!!!! I already live in Richmond and work at VCU if anyone has questions. I think it's a great city!! Lots of good restaurants and good bar scene! I have a two year old though so no time for partying any more. Ido think you all moving to the area will like it although we may not have time to enjoy once the program starts! I am concerned about finances and obtaining loans since I will need to essentially live off loans while in school! Anyone have any tips?!?
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    For all of you who are stressing not seeing your friends and other family, just remember this: You probably felt that way in nursing school (I know I did) & before you knew it, you had graduated & caught up with everyone & hadn't missed a beat. This will be the same way. Good luck everybody!
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    ------said NRSA 403 Foundations for Medicinal Chemistry would satisfy the 200 Level Chemistry requirement. If I can have a BSN GPA of 3.5 or higher, CCRN, ALS, PALS, be active on work committees, and have 1.5 years of SICU (Level 2 Trauma Hospital) experience, is it realistic of me to think that would be enough to get accepted into VCU's CRNA program? Do you feel that I should take more Chemistry classes? I took CHM 101 & 102 but would need CHM 111 & 112 before taking a 200 Level Chemistry course. Another question: Anybody know about how many people got an interview and of those people, how many actually got accepted into VCU?
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    They changed how they interviewed this year. They only interviewed tier one applicants. They interviewed a lot less people. I know some that looked awesome on paper and were waitlisted, it could just be the applicant pool was awesome this year. Last year we competed for about 5 people per spot.
    Each location takes a different amount. 5 at nova and Roanoke, like 12 at Abingdon, and 24 ish in Richmond.
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    I know you need ochem, I have no idea if what you have taken has that. I start med chem in the spring so I am not sure how much is enough lol. I took a bunch before I started so hope it helps. By far tho is phys, that is the monster class and what you should take more of, or get the book and start memorizing, or watch dr najeeb and start memorizing. make your life less hellish.

    And oh, the busy-ness is nothing like undergrad nursing school.