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Hey everyone (posting this here too because I want current students to answer as well), I consider myself to have above average intelligence and did fairly well in college (a top 20 private university). Last year, I decided... Read More

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    Just finished 2nd quarter of CRNA school. Clinicals hasn't been bad. I find that I am just chronically tired all the time. I do clinicals in Delaware so on Mondays and Tuesdays I am on the road at 430am. Have to do my anesthesia machine check, draw my meds, get any extra equipment I may need plus review my pts medical and surgical history. All of the CRNA preceptor have been awesome and most of the docs. Up to about 80% of getting my intubations. At my clinical site, their philosophy is students will start off with complex cases first in their training. My first day of clinicals I did a VATS-- lung surgery. Done lots of lumbar discectomy and fusions, axillary bifemoral bypass surgery. Clinicals are awesome. Just mentally exhausted from having to keep up with classes and exams and in clinicals I'm doing cases we haven't covered in school yet. I get home from clinicals around 4pm and then need to write up my care plan which is about 4 pages and if you have 3 or 4 cases it could end up being 12 or 16 pages of stuff you need to fill plans take about 2 hours to write up if you do a good job and spend time on them. Then you need to find time to study for classroom lectures as well. At then end of each quarter were get a week off for a break before the next quarter starts again. Next quarter we will be in clinicals 3 days a week and classes 2 days a week. Good thing about our program is you are allowed to get a B- in your anesthesia class which is an 82 but your GPA can't drop below 3.00. We just finished our physics class which was pretty of my friends didn't do well in the class and now she's out the program. CRNA school is no joke and it just reinforces you have to really study and stay on top of all your requirements.
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    I had almost 4 years in ICU. Been a nurse for 16 years. Worked OR for 11 years. Did med surg for 6 years. Undergrad GPA was 3.00 Masters GPA was 3.91. Science GPA was 3.67. I'm doing the Post Masters Certificate program in anesthesia since I already hold a MSN which exempted me from doing a thesis and having to do all of the core courses which lightened my load considerably.
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    What school are you at, SRNA?
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    Drexel University