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Hi all! I just wanted to get a thread started for those who plan on applying to Vanderbilt's prespecialty (for non-nurses) MSN program. I only recently discovered this program about 2 months ago... Read More

  1. by   SEC East
    I've sort of been lurking on this thread for about a month or so. I just completed my application with Vandy (FNP) and I'm wondering if anyone reading this thread applied for Direct Entry as a BSN grad AND received an interview.....

    Does anyone know if interviews are only for Pre-Speciality applicants?
  2. by   mamalex
    Does anyone on this thread also have children? I am the single mama of two little boys. I am thinking of going to Nashville sometime soon just to look around at school situations. My oldest went to school for the first time this year (1st grade) and my youngest is still at home with me! This will be a big change for them...if I get to go!
  3. by   5ofPEEP
    Hi guys!
    It's my first post on here, and I guessing this is the closest forum for me! I'm a RN BSN, yesterday I mailed off my application for the ACNP -intensivist program! anyone else out there also applied for that program? I'm super nervous and wondering when we think we might hear back! Good Luck everyone!!!
  4. by   rtaylr5

    Rest assured, you are not alone! I also am a single mother of three children, ages 11, 10, and 5. From my understanding, the best schools are in Williams County. I have looked into the Bellevue area myself. I was reccommended this direction because not only are the schools better but as far as a commute it is a little less stressful in this direction. I have also explored living closer to campus and trying to find the best Davidson County schools. There are quite a few magnet schools, but Nashville already had the annual lottery, so admission would be based upon whether or not accepted or if there is room available. Unfortunately, until we have confirmation of attendance and can show residency in Nashville, we can't apply to the magnet schools for the kids.

    Best of luck for us both! If we both get it, we can possibly meet! =)
  5. by   yooe
    anyone applied to prespecialty anp/gnp track? i was wondering how competitive it was...
  6. by   Meredith09
    Quote from stephdowling
    Thanks for taking the time to post so much helpful info for us aspiring Commadores. I have a couple of question about clinicals.

    1. Do the second semester clinical rotations also have 5-6 students per instructor on the unit?
    2. How does that work... is each student assigned a patient and a nurse on the floor to follow or are all 5 students working with the instructor and one patient?
    Each student has their own patient and will stay in touch with the staff nurse assigned to that patient, but for the most part once you hit second semester you are doing pretty much all of the patient care--but you're never without the guidance of your instructor if you need it. For most rotations you will go to the hospital the day before clinical and pick up your patient assignment. You then have a small mountain of paperwork to do (read: 5-8 hours). Complete clinical day one, then go home and do some more paperwork! I arrive on the unit about 10-15 minutes early to look at an updated chart, labs, pharm, etc and make my plan for the day. Then i get shift change report from my staff nurse, go take AM vitals and do a mini H&P of sorts, chart all that, pass meds--this is where i stop to check in with my instructor, as they like to go through each drug individually and then let you get them out of the pyxis and go to... somewhere in there you might find time to work on paperwork if you're lucky. They are long and exhausting days but I find that I almost always go home extremely happy and excited to be doing what I am
    3. Are there two days of clinicals in the second semester?
    4. What exactly is the adult health rotation?
    For the adult health rotation you will be in some random adult med-surg setting. I am on a cardiac floor- lots of telemetry, a few transplants, LOTS of fact in the month I've been there every single one of my patients had CHF
    I'm looking forward to hearing more
    Quote from rtaylr5

    Thank you for all the helpful info! I do have a couple of questions as well...

    1. What would you suggest doing to prepare for the pre-specialty program? Certain courses to review?
    KNOW THY A&P. seriously. It will help you out tremendously. I had the advantage of taking pharm and two semesters of patho prior to Vandy and I have to say it put me at an advantage over my colleagues who didn't have those classes. But most importantly during that summer before you start is to rest up. see your friends, hang with your family...because you start your life as a library-bound monk on day one
    2. You mentioned that most people live near campus, but do you know anyone that does commute from the outskirts of Nashville? If so, do you know what their experience may be?
    I suppose you'd have to define "outskirts" for me. I personally live in Bellevue because I wanted some physical and mental space from Vandy...and its undergrads! Bellevue is about ten-fifteen minutes from Vandy and while it is technically on the western border of Nashville, it's obviously not too far. I know of plenty of people who live to the south, and east of Vandy. Commuting on any of the major interstates in Nashville during rush hour is a PIA, there's just no other way to say it. so you might want to see if you have a number of ways to get to school from your prospective place of residence (I've mapped a minimum of 4 from my place) Stay the heck away from Antioch, though-- bad area of town. I'd generally advise you to gravitate west-ish.
    Thanks again!


    And yes.... dying here for an answer!!!!!! Thank goodness February is a short-ish month!
    Keep me posted on your progress!
  7. by   prayfor2011
    So, I have been reading the posts from all of you for the past month. I finally decided to register! I applied for the FNP program in the middle of January, which terrifies me. I am wondering what kind of chances I have of getting accepted having turned my application in after the DEC. 1st priority deadline. Anyone know when people who turn in their applications after this time find out? Thanks for any helpful information you can give
  8. by   rtaylr5

    Thanks again for all the information! I was actually referred to the Bellevue area, but was told it was closer to 25/30 minutes away (i.e. "outskirts"). Super excited~ now just have to continue to play the waiting game!!!

  9. by   aztravler333
    Hi Everyone,
    I put in my app for the EmergecncyNP program in mid January.
    Has anyone else applied for that specialty?
    I submitted my personal recommendation, transcipts and app at different times and when I go on line to check my application status they show they have not been recieved. Has anyone else had this problem?
    Anyone know how compedative this specality is?
    Anyone know when we will all be put out of our pain and hear if we are excepted?

    Thank you in advance for any feedback.
  10. by   scnurse77
    I know that my transcripts did not show up on that form, however my references do show up as completed. I would just call them to make sure. I think that they said letter will start going out soon! I applied for the ACNP program distance student with BSN. Good luck to you!
  11. by   mef06011
    About a week ago I got an e-mail telling me my application was now under review and that they would be sending out letters over the next few weeks. It also said that letters for their program don't go out all at once like undergrad programs, but that they trickle out.

    Anyone else get that e-mail? It also said to start prepping my tax returns so I could apply for financial aid. Feels like a good sign....but the waiting is killing me!
  12. by   mamalex
    I didn't get that email, but since I did the interview (a fast one btw- 15 minutes, & they didn't give me a chance to ask questions) they just told me on the phone that they would be sending out letters in "a few weeks." I filed my taxes and FAFSA this week!
  13. by   maduro
    Hi Mef06011:
    I got that email as well last week. I had my interview the week before that and I'm working to get my taxes finished...just waiting on one more W2. I don't know what to make of the email, as it didn't really give me any more information than I got during my interview. SO ready to know! Best of luck!