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Hi, I am researching grad schools and became very interested in the University of South Alabama's ENP (dual FNP/ACNP) online program. I am interested in knowing how competitive the program is regarding acceptance. I have a GPA... Read More

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    Does anyone know about the psych NP program at USA?

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    It was a difficult for me as well, and I am sure will not be returning I thought it was me.. thanks for the validation.. this program is not for me..I just could not keep up with all the reading and test q2 weeks..
    and I have done online programs before..
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    okay. i literally sent my application to USA's online FNP program about 15 minutes ago. then i found this. and i am TERRIFIED. so, all of you who hated this program--what online program would you suggest? and those of you who didn't hate it--why should i go for it?
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    Hi flgirl57, itís a pity you had a terrible experience. I have been to 2 different schools for different Master program before starting here with USA . I can assure you that there is no one that is perfect just like we humans are not perfect. So we have to aim at what we want to achieve and move on with our lives and to the next level. Good luck. Blessb.
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    How are you doing in the program thus far? There seems to be a lot of talk about the NP program. Does anyone have feedback on the DNP program?
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    So how are you doing, or how you you done so far? Would you still recommend the school? I'm looking at the DNP program and am very worried about the negative comments I've heard!
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    I am doing well thanks for asking. I still like to recommend USA to anyone interested. I don't know exactly what negative things you are hearing about the DNP program, so far so good has been the report i have been hearing. You can visit this link for details USA College of Nursing - Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and email or call for any questions or 251-445-9412. Thank you, Blessb
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    Blessb, You are encouraging!

    I am shopping for schools now. I just missed the deadline for fall start, so I'll try to get mine in for the spring start.

    Any advice? (ooh, so broad a question...)
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    Dear WKShadowRN,

    Thanks for your kind words! Sorry you missed the deadline for falls. I will advice you to start working on your application ASAP don't wait until when it's too late. Start looking for a place to do your clinicals so that when the time comes you will not be dissappointed. I wish you the best of luck!

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    I am about to finish my first semester at USA (RN with BS in other field--> MSN/NP ). I was pleased. I cut way back on work (only work few times/month to stay on payroll) and I have an 8 month old. Might sound easier than full time work and full time school but its not!! No kid and full time work would've been much easier. That being said, it was totally manageable. After reading bad stuff on here I was worried about the program but so far, aside from a few areas where timing and organization could be improved, I have had a positive experience. I feel supported by faculty and no way do I feel left alone. One of my classes (the graduate level one I think) had a ton of reading but I managed- I also found that much content was repeated in textbooks can make your own decisions about how to handle that Assignment requirements for my first round of classes were very explicitly stated, which I appreciate very much. Lecture notes provided usually give hints as to which readings are needed for an assignment or exam, or which are most important so you can prioritize. I found that some textbooks I hardly used at all, and used the ones I "liked" more often. I have had A's and B's on all assignments thus far.

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