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Hi, I am researching grad schools and became very interested in the University of South Alabama's ENP (dual FNP/ACNP) online program. I am interested in knowing how competitive the program is... Read More

  1. by   flipflopsRN
    I am about to finish my first semester at USA (RN with BS in other field--> MSN/NP ). I was pleased. I cut way back on work (only work few times/month to stay on payroll) and I have an 8 month old. Might sound easier than full time work and full time school but its not!! No kid and full time work would've been much easier. That being said, it was totally manageable. After reading bad stuff on here I was worried about the program but so far, aside from a few areas where timing and organization could be improved, I have had a positive experience. I feel supported by faculty and no way do I feel left alone. One of my classes (the graduate level one I think) had a ton of reading but I managed- I also found that much content was repeated in textbooks can make your own decisions about how to handle that Assignment requirements for my first round of classes were very explicitly stated, which I appreciate very much. Lecture notes provided usually give hints as to which readings are needed for an assignment or exam, or which are most important so you can prioritize. I found that some textbooks I hardly used at all, and used the ones I "liked" more often. I have had A's and B's on all assignments thus far.
  2. by   lifesaver0211
    Hello everyone,

    I just got accepted for the BSN-DNP (ER dual track) for Fall 2014 at USA. I hope the program is getting better.... I was reading the previous old postings but they were back from 2011. I heard that they are getting better... How is the program? I know its not gonna be a walk in the park but Im hoping someone will give good reviews about this program. Any thoughts? Any DNP ER-track students? Thanks
  3. by   Urtania
    I started the FNP/ACNP program last Fall 2013. Plan on learning everything on your own The cost is super cheap. There are >300 people in my specialty track, so I don't think it's competitive. Considering I didn't submit any letters of recommendation or a statement of intent, and I still got in, tells me their business plan is to have low cost tuition with a lot of students. Getting clinical sites set up is a joke. Myself and other students requested information early in 2014 to set up fall 2014 sites, but we didn't get info until after Summer semester started. As such, many places already have students set up from the local universities and programs. Everyday I consider transfering to a more expensive program with quality clinical sites, but the cost will more than double.
  4. by   GinRN777
    OK I started a fb group here USA Fall 2014 Dual Emergency/Acute NP class
    for lack of a more creative name.
    Anyone else have feedback on the dual degree? Are we allowed to do clinicals with physicians or just NPs?
  5. by   Urtania
    nothing has changed
  6. by   Urtania
    Only MD, FNP, and ACNP. Since your in the ENP program, you can't follow WHNP or PNS for those specialties.
  7. by   Ozzy84
    i wonder how many week each course ?
  8. by   FuturePMHNP
    Wow, I wish I would have read this post before wasting money and time applying to this school! lol...
  9. by   miteacher
    Is anyone on here in the program now? What do you think? I'm applying for the program now. I am a newer RN, about 2 years of med-surg and telemetry experience in a busy urban hospital. What type of background do you come from? What is the balance like between work and school?
  10. by   gotCCRN
    I am currently in my 5th semester out of 8 at USA in the ACNP track. It has been a great experience and in no way have we all been left to fend for ourselves. Now, saying that, it IS an online program, and is so for a reason, so yes, we do self teach a lot, but the professors are always available for questions and discussions. But, all of us in the program chose online, again, for a reason, not having to go to class is fantastic.

    The courses have become much more regulated, and the clinical portion has become more straightforward and simple in order to decrease difficulties that previous semester students had. All in all, I am very thankful for USA's program and am looking forward to finishing up.
  11. by   Urtania
    The ENP track now let's students follow WHNP, PNPs, and PAs!!
  12. by   ClusterB
    I am in my 6th semester of 9 at USA and I think it depends on your program. The psych program requires half of all clinical hours to be done with a psych nurse practitioner. They won't budge with this requirement. There are students in my class who will not be able to proceed next term
    Because they have not found one yet. DOING a clinical with a PA???? That would never be allowed in the psych track. It really frustrates me that the different NP programs at the same school can have such different criteria.
  13. by   miteacher
    So are the other programs allowed to complete clinical with an NP or PA? I also saw that the school had a list of sites that they work with from each state. Have you used any of the sites from the list?