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Is anyone looking at University of Hawaii's MEPN program for Fall 2012? I'm originally from Honolulu and would LOVE to go back and do this program. Especially since I would pay in-state tuition! :) I've looked over the lengthy... Read More

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    Other than UH, I applied to Marquette, Boston College, MGH Institute, Simmons, Penn, Yale, Seattle University, and the University of Southern Maine. I got in to Boston College, MGH, Simmons, and Marquette, and was rejected from the others. I applied to a range of schools, hoping I would get in to at least one (it was expensive, but I didn't want to have to do it again). All of them had about the same requirements as UH, except the ones in Boston all required organic chemistry. Most of them also required GRE scores, whereas UH did not. The "average" GRE scores from these schools was somewhere around 1000-1200. I decided to go with Marquette over the others mainly because the cost of living in Boston is much higher than it is in Milwaukee. The tuition was between about $80,000-110,00 at all four schools. I figure, after you get above a certain amount for tuition, it's like monopoly money. Bring on the loans! Haha.
    PM me if I can help you in any other way.
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    Wow you applied to several schools! This year I applied for Manoa, Seattle U and Univ. of Portland and could only put in half of my application to Western (due to missing courses). This was my first time applying to grad school and I did not expect to spend so much...just to apply :0/ Univ. of Portland suspended their program and I was rejected by Seattle U and have Manoa left to hear from that will help me decide what steps I will take next (Since I did not necessarily plan a back up plan).

    Congratulations on being accepted to the programs!

    I've found that a lot of Programs require science courses to have a yr limit, as this pretty much sets a little complication to my situation where I will need to retake courses over again to ensure that I am within the limit guidelines.

    In terms of funding for school, UH Manoa would be ideal since I was born and raised on the islands and have not yet left...but I think attending school in the mainland would be beneficial for me (for an island girl to move out of her comfort zone and really grow as a person and see what is out there).

    I'm not actually sure how to PM you or if I am allowed to use the PM section on this site. do you have a facebook or email I could message you at if I have any questions?
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    I got my letter today. So everyone should be getting their's today or tomorrow?
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    Or, I'm guessing it is the letter. I'm not opening it until this evening but it is from UH Manoa Graduate Division. Good luck to everyone!
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    that makes me nervous :0/
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    I wish everyone the best of luck...it's been a long wait. DC275, are you from Oahu?
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    didn't get in....SUPER BUMMED!
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    Yes, I am. You are here too, right?
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    So sorry to hear! Did you apply to other programs?
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    thanks. didn't apply to other programs. I have two young children so mainland schools were never an option for me. good luck to everyone though! I'll check back to see how it went for you guys!

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