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UH MEPN 2012

Is anyone looking at University of Hawaii's MEPN program for Fall 2012? I'm originally from Honolulu and would LOVE to go back and do this program. Especially since I would pay in-state tuition! :)

I've looked over the lengthy forum about the program from 2009. Is there anyone who went to UH's program that started this Fall? I would be quite interested to hear your stats (GPA, etc.) and to find out how many people applied and how many were accepted/matriculated this year. I will also be taking A&P 2 and Microbiology in the Spring and I am curious if that will hurt me since I am not done with all the prereqs. They say you just have to finish them by July, but I am wondering if that is really true.

Any info previous MEPN people can give me would be great. Thanks!

I applied to this program and am waiting to hear back! There isn't much info. about it on here so I would love to hear from other people as well!

Just read about your interview invite to UPENN, wpolorocker! I would love to hear about your stats/experience, etc! If you can get an interview there I'm sure you are golden for other programs!

Thanks for the confidence, Miss Holland!

I have an undergrad degree from SMU in Music Education with a GPA of 3.7. I have CNA license though I have never worked as one (I just got the license last month), and I am currently taking nursing prerequisites at a community college. I don't have any medical experience to speak of, but I had good grades, with all As on my mid-semester score report. My GRE score was 1200 with a writing of 3.5.

Very cool! You sound like a great applicant! What track are you applying to? I applied for the FNP/APHN track. =0)

I haven't sent it in yet, but I'm looking at FNP.

I have not sent in either but also looking at FNP wpolorocker :) I can't find too much information about this program.

Interested as well to learn more about this program!

Got word yesterday that my application is complete and that I will be contacted in the event that I am selected for an interview!! Let's hope that is indeed the case!!! Dreaming about the program and Hawaii in the meantime...

Is this all of us for this program?! Are you getting excited that the deadline has passed and we should be hearing within the next month about interviews? I am!

I am stoked that the January 2nd application has passed and that I have indeed completed my application. I only got an email stating that my application was complete, not that I would be contacted in the event that I was selected for an interview. Hmmmm.... this is differnt than what MissHolland posted. I have been following the MEPN threads for 2 years as I was preparing to apply. I look toward the future and look forward to supporting and being supported on this thread as we make our way through this journey. Either way, accepted or not we are on a journey that will lead us down a new path and just this, is exciting.

"this email is to inform you that your application to the master’s entry program in nursing is now complete.

the admission committee will contact you in the event that you are selected for an interview. interviews will be held in-person or via phone if you are off island."

that was the e-mail i got. anyhow, i love your outlook and you are so right. wherever the journey takes us, it's a great one! i'm trying my best to enjoy the present but i am so anxious to find out!

Glad to hear back from you. I meant what I said about the journey...but I am anxious to get this thing moving and find out too!

My email just said the top part that you quoted and the info about the admission committee contacting us is listed on the website, even if it was not in my email. It is too easy to read into each detail and get caught up, which can make me more nervous.

Keeping fingers crossed over here. Hope people post when and if they were called for an interview and how things went. From looking at previous posts this seemed helpful to know more about what was going on. I will try to check back on this thread at least once a week. How about you MissHolland?

Once a week! I check everyday, LOL! It's sort of all I can think about right now =0)

I also check this thread daily!! Don't think you're the only on MissHolland. It's crazy that there are not many of us on this thread so far. I wasn't able to find out too much about the program besides what's on their website.


You're rocking it! I saw that you're interviewing at UCSF and it seems that you are having luck with other schools as well!! Yay for you! Do you have a first choice? UHM sure is EXPENSIVE!

Thanks MissHolland!

JHU and UCSF are definitely my top choices but we will see how the interviews go. UHM is definitely expensive - I thought the application was really interesting as there was heavy focus on Hawaiian ancestery. For someone who is not Hawaiian, I hope that is not a factor that will be held against me.

I put a lot of focus on giving back to the Hawaiian population post-graduation! I hope that works in my favor as I am not of Hawaiian, Asian or Pacific Island decent either! They certainly did emphasize that aspect of it but UHM is a multi-cultural melting pot, too =0) Good luck on your interviews!! What's your background to be able to gain interviews at such prestigious schools?

Thats very cool! So I take it your living in Hawaii to be able to give a lot of time to the Hawaiian community or are you located somewhere in the US?

I actually, like everyone, am not quite sure what makes me so special as an applicant but I put a lot of working in my personal statement. I earned a BA in Psyc and excelled in my pre-reqs to apply to each program. I have volunteered in an oncology unit, low income peds community clinic, an urgent care, and an endocrinologist office working with diabetic patients hovering above 500 hours...? I volunteered abroad for a spring break trip which had a huge impact on going into nursing and have been working in healthcare administration for over 2 years now. I definitely think everyone's experiences are unique for sure. I have been reading people blogs from other MEPN programs and I swear they all sound like superheroes. It is definitely motivating!

Superheroes, LOL, love it! I am actually in the the NW but my plan would to be to stay in Hawaii upon graduation and serve the communities there possibly while earning my Phd at UHM (but now I am thinking really far ahead =0) I, too, put A LOT of work into my personal statement and really hope that it pays off. Anyways, I am DYING to hear as it is ALL I can think about right now! Where are you currently living? What track did you apply for? My choice is FNP/APHN (my undergrad is in public health).


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