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Is anyone looking at University of Hawaii's MEPN program for Fall 2012? I'm originally from Honolulu and would LOVE to go back and do this program. Especially since I would pay in-state tuition! :) ... Read More

  1. by   DC275
    @bluecloud-what track did you choose? are you on the island?
  2. by   bluecloud
    @DC275, Family.Yes I'm local.Goodnight all
  3. by   APRNwannabe
    It's a no for me, for now.

    Good things come out of all things, even if we don't know what those good things are yet.
    Best to everyone. :heartbeat
  4. by   Bearhugs
    Looks like I'm on the list of alternates for FNP. Unfortunately, there wasn't any more information besides "we will be able to let you know no later than June 30, 2012" if a spot opens up, so I guess I'll just have to wait and hope for the best...

    This may just be wishful thinking, but is there anyone on this board that was accepted to the FNP track that plans on declining?
  5. by   wpolorocker
    Congrats to those who were accepted!
    It must have been a very competitive group this year. I was surprised that I wasn't accepted, since UH is ranked #99 for nursing, and I was accepted to three other schools that were ranked much higher than that (among them, Boston College, which is #31). I guess it shows that each school really looks at different aspects of the application when deciding who to accept and deny.
  6. by   antidentit
    I am curious, did anyone who got accepted from the Main land?
  7. by   dlagdaSN
    Hi there! Sorry so late. I was accepted but declined my offer this morning through email. I am from the mainland, California, where I will be attending a MSN program. Good luck to everyone!
  8. by   bluecloud
    Are any of you all worried about the debt from the program?
    Even as a local I am worried about it.
    For current students, do you all have a way of dealing with it besides loans?
    Like do many of you all work while in school?

  9. by   atkpop

    I saw your posts here and noticed you are a military spouse, as am I. We have orders to HI this summer and I want to apply to the MEPN for fall 2013. Would you mind "friending" me on this forum so we might be able to correspond? I'd love to hear your experience in applying to the program and perhaps get your feedback on the program once you start.

  10. by   DC275
    @Bluecloud- I tried responding to your PM but I am unable to since I don't have enough posts? Yes, I am attending and look forward to it. I have some things to get in order before school starts but I'm confident they will all fall into place. Are you attending?

    @atkpop- I'm sorry I'm not familiar with this site and how to "friend" you. Can you tell me how? I'm unable to PM.
  11. by   atkpop
    I can't pm either - brand new and don't have enough posts. I think if you click on my screen name you'll see my profile and then there is a friend request on the right hand side. I'm not sure, but if we are friends maybe we can PM?
  12. by   DC275
    I added you but can't PM
  13. by   bluecloud
    Maybe I sound like a broken record here, but do you all worry about the debt???????
    I do!!!!! Do you all have lots of money to pay for MEPN program? I don't have any .

    Mahalo, aloha