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Starting a thread for those applying to the BSN to DNP program at UF for Fall 2017! I have my BS in Psychology from UF, and will be finishing up my RN to BSN at UF in August. Currently, I have a... Read More

  1. by   maryjoseph
    Hi I also applied for ACNP DNP, but my GRE score was not great! Congratulations !! How did you find out ? Did they email to you or from Nursing Cas? Thanks !!
  2. by   aas027
    Maryjoseph - I got an email directly from UF!
  3. by   maryjoseph
    Thanks !!
  4. by   Narcanist
    I suppose the FNP applicants get picked last? I hope my app is competitive enough.
    GPA and GRE meet the requirement but they're not earth shattering.
    I will have a Bachelors in Health Services Administration in a few weeks too. Also CEN and Critical-care Paramedic. 4 years medic experience. 4 years ER and trauma nursing.

    Hoping that we all have cause for celebration soon. Best of luck.
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  5. by   NurseMood
    Why is it taking so long. All of the other schools I have applied for has emailed me my acceptance letters and most wanting a reply with in a week. ugh
  6. by   Narcanist
    I know! I got accepted to UNF and need to answer them by Monday. Are you in the FNP track as well?
  7. by   NurseMood
    Yes that's what I applied for the FNP- DNP
  8. by   Narcanist
    I'm still very happy to be accepted, but...I'd love an answer today. The UF Deadline was way before UNF's deadline.
  9. by   maggiemaex313
    UF acceptance deadline is the 20th and then we have to pay by the 28th to secure a spot. Maybe if you have not heard from them you're on the waiting list and will hear when people deny their spots? Just a thought.
  10. by   Narcanist
    Where did you find this info on acceptance dates? How would a student be able to get a student loan in that short time?
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  11. by   maggiemaex313
    I got an acceptance letter on April 3rd for the PMHNP BSN-DNP program giving me those dates. What I meant by pay was just a $200 nonrefundable fee that gets applied to your first semester but they want it to secure your spot in the program.
  12. by   Narcanist
    Ok that's not bad. The forum for last year shows the Family Nurse Practitioner track received acceptance in mid May.
  13. by   Narcanist
    Ok that's not too bad. Hope it's tomorrow then!