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Summer Entry 2013 Accelerated BSN/MSN Johns Hopkins - page 12

Hi everyone, How many of you have applied for the 2013 Accelerated BSN/MSN program at JHU SON? I applied early decision and completed my phone interview on the 26th. They said they will start... Read More

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    I was notified via email. They said that I would be receiving an official letter in the mail sometime within the next week. I am a early decision summer start ABSN/MSN. I received notification that I was accepted into the BSN in December but that Midwifery department process their applicants differently and the decisions would be released later.
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    Oh awesome!!! Double congratulations, then!! That is super exciting
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    Have any Early Decision folks heard back on the Financing Application?
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    Thank you so much!!! I really appreciated the informative response. If any of you guys have facebook, I would love to be facebook buddies!!!
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    Congratulations, salinn! I am so excited for you! That's awesome news

    When is your accepted students day?
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    Thanks hopeful! I am very excited too! I believe the accepted student days for Hopkins are 3/22 or 4/19. Right now I think I am going to the one in March.
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    Hi all, and congrats to those who have been accepted already. I'm in the Accel BSN program class of '13 (summer start), so I was in your shoes exactly one year ago. Just wanted to say that although the first semester is pretty rough, I only know of one person our of ~130 that dropped back to the fall cohort. It's possible that there was more than one, but the vast majority of us made it through. I don't know how these rumors get started...

    If you have any questions about the program, living, transportation, etc feel free to ask. Also check out the SON blogs (Johns Hopkins Nursing Blogs | Discover the people, places, and possibilities of nursing at Johns Hopkins) and the facebook pages for our cohorts. Most of us would be happy to help/sell you our used books & supplies.

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    Congrats to everyone who got in

    I am a lurker who is considering applying ED to the Fall Accelerated BSN-MSN. I was wondering how you are (or are planning to pay) for Hopkins? I am pretty shocked by the price tag. I really want to apply ED but don't want to get stuck if I can't pay for it!

    Thanks so much for any help!
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    Hello everyone. I am new to this site. I have submitted by application for regular decision for the BSN/MSN family nurse prac program at Hopkins and I am trying to connect with others who applied to see if people have heard anything or got any calls for interviews. Good luck to you all
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    Afent, when did you apply?
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    I applied for regular decision. The deadline application was jan 15. It's sounds like a lot of early decision applicants have heard but no regular decision ?
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    Hi Afent002,

    So far only the early decision applicants have heard back. I applied for Summer entry regular decision and it seems that we will all find out on March 1st. Are you a fall-start applicant? I am not certain about the timeline for your application process, but if it is anything like the Summer start, you will be invited to interview about two-three weeks after you submit your application. It's very possible that the timeline is different for fall-start applicant, though.

    Evreyone else, does that sound relatively accurate?

    In any case- best of luck!! I hope you find out soon The waiting game is the worst part.
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    Hey FingersCross'd, that sounds accurate. The only thing I want to add is that I called yesterday and they said we would hear BY March 1st... they don't have a definitive timeline. So basically, since they alert you of their decision by phone call, you just have to keep your phone near you, set up an active voicemail account, and wait patiently! They alert those who didn't get in by letter only (no phone call, for obvious reasons). I submitted my application at the beginning of October and they notified me about a week later that they wanted me to set up an interview. I interviewed around Halloween. My application has been considered complete since then. So now, I'm just waiting patiently (or impatiently, I guess you could say )!