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I remember seeing posts re South University some time ago but have not seen any for a while. I am considering this school for my ANP. There are several pluses. They were doing some work on curriculum but will soon be accepting... Read More

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    I just spoke to them today. The admissions person, Mark, told me he was the one now handling my file. I told him the program I am interested in, and we talked about transfer credits. He told me that every 5 1/2 weeks I 'd take other courses which is what some other NP programs do. Not once did he mention another program. I have not been told that they will not have an ANP program and do not believe they will not. I was told the new curriculum would be available June 1. I will call one of the other SONs like Columbia and see if they know, but I doubt they will know anything about the MSN area since it is managed totally online and in a seperate area due to the technical stuff online requires. When I talked to the agency that gives the CCNE accreditation, she told me she thought South was trying to get everything under the
    Savannah location. There are schools in 7 locations in the south. As far as it being a fake as ne said, I know for a fact that it has CCNE accreditation, as well as being regionally accredited too by I have been to theSACS website, and all the schools here in NC are there as well as South University. It also had NLNAC accreditation accoring to its website, but only one is required. I will make a call tomorrow and ask about the ANP program. Seems like CCNE would know if there was a problem don't you think? Barinbass
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    I don't trust this school based on my interactions thus far. I did not appreciate the sales-type approach they directed at me and found their recalcitrance regarding MSN bridges and the BSN insulting. Until I am convinced otherwise, I will regard their claims "too good to be true".
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    From the AACN website. Wanted to check on the fate of those NPs with MSNs if this goes through.

    "Does implementation of the DNP mean advanced practice nurses will no longer be permitted to practice without a doctorate?"
    "No, nurses with master's degrees will continue to practice in their current capacities. Recommendations are included in the Roadmap Task Force report on how to facilitate rapid transition to the DNP for master's-level nurses seeking this credential."

    Some schools direct the potential student automatically to the DNP if seeking an NP. Others do not. You have to admit that if the student is in a BSN to DNP program, it will take longer and that means more money for the school. MSN is still the earned degree for NPs in many schools though. My present school has an RN- MSN program leading to NP, but no BSN is earned in the process. I checked that out before getting my RN-BSN. I wanted to get something out of my work and would not if I entered the RN-MSN program and did not finish. I will worry abt the DNP when that time comes. Who knows, they could change their minds in the 5 years between now and then. Barinbass
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    I called South University to see if the new June 1st date for showing the curriculum for the
    ANP program and for accepting appplictions for it was still on. They told me the ANP Program was still on hold and that they had no idea when it might be offered again. There goes that option. Maybe it's for the best. Barinbass
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    I am attending South University Online to get my MSN. If anyone has graduated from this program please email me I am looking for some assistance and have some questions about certain assignments. If you are willing to help me I am willing to pay for face to face or online assistance. Thanks in advance.

    Manny Johnson
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    I'm also looking into this University for the ANP. Have the kinks been worked out? Anyone currentin the program or recently graduated? Also looking into George Town, Ballstate, and a couple others.
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    Paige23, I pm'd you on this.
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    I am looking into South online anyone taking classes there for NP or has graduated from there?
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    The 2015 "deadline" is a recommendation. It is not a mandatory requirement. There is still a lot of discretion by the program directors to enforce the 2015 recommendation deadline. There will be plenty of programs still offering the MSN-FNP track after 2015. I know a school that will offer the program after 2015.
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    I have been accepted and have been looking around on the school blackboard. I like everything I see. It is better than the blackboard I used before in undergrad.

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