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I remember seeing posts re South University some time ago but have not seen any for a while. I am considering this school for my ANP. There are several pluses. They were doing some work on curriculum... Read More

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    I called South University to see if the new June 1st date for showing the curriculum for the
    ANP program and for accepting appplictions for it was still on. They told me the ANP Program was still on hold and that they had no idea when it might be offered again. There goes that option. Maybe it's for the best. Barinbass
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    I am attending South University Online to get my MSN. If anyone has graduated from this program please email me I am looking for some assistance and have some questions about certain assignments. If you are willing to help me I am willing to pay for face to face or online assistance. Thanks in advance.

    Manny Johnson
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    I'm also looking into this University for the ANP. Have the kinks been worked out? Anyone currentin the program or recently graduated? Also looking into George Town, Ballstate, and a couple others.
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    Paige23, I pm'd you on this.
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    I am looking into South online anyone taking classes there for NP or has graduated from there?
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    The 2015 "deadline" is a recommendation. It is not a mandatory requirement. There is still a lot of discretion by the program directors to enforce the 2015 recommendation deadline. There will be plenty of programs still offering the MSN-FNP track after 2015. I know a school that will offer the program after 2015.
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    I have been accepted and have been looking around on the school blackboard. I like everything I see. It is better than the blackboard I used before in undergrad.
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    Quote from freedomrn1
    I have been accepted and have been looking around on the school blackboard. I like everything I see. It is better than the blackboard I used before in undergrad.
    FreedomRN1.....I was just accepted too.....maybe we'll "see" each other. Good luck!
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    How is it going so far? I am considering applying for the July start date? Let me know! Any help or comments would be appreciated! I am actually doing the Adult health NP on site in MIchigan at their campus. It is one day per week same day every week from 10am-6pm and the first year is all class room...2 classes every 11 weeks and then the second year is your capstone project and all of your clinicals.
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    Hi, I just completed my NP app at SU. Fingers (and toes) crossed that I get accepted. Any feedback on the online program? My target start date is April.
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    How is the program at South? I just talked to an advisor. They explained the program really well. Is online classes take up a lot of your time?
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    Any updates or news about this online program?

    I am in the middle of the application process now. I would love to hear from those who are in the program or have completed it recently.
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    The program is self study. I am taking pharmacology now. It is doable with full time work if you have no kids. I doubled up on my classes till pharm. If you want to double tell your advisor. Pharmacology is taken by itself for 11 weeks and the rest of classes after it. So far so good!