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Just thought I would start a thread for the 2012 batch of students- I have not seen one on here yet. I have not been accepted yet, but I am #4 on the wait list. Does anyone know the chances of wait... Read More

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    Does anyone know that quality of the FNP program at sfsu, such as the if the professors are good or bad; if they assist with finding clinical preceptors; is the program organized and structured?

    Please share information if you have any or found anything out because I got a negative review from a current student but I want to find out if it is true or not...

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    Just to update this thread...I too am on the waitlist and just received an e-mail updating me on my status. Since I wasn't that high up on the waitlist and I moved up some spots, I'm guessing the ones that were have been offered admission. The wait is killing me! I'm so worried that at this point, no more spots will open up!
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    I got my acceptance email and letter! WAHOOOOOOOO
    I'm so freaking excited- I was worried I wouldn't be getting in anywhere. I accepted their offer and paid the deposit. Now to start planning my move and such. I'll be moving from Santa Cruz, so I'm pretty psyched, but also overwhelmed with where to live....

    Good luck to everyone on the waitlist!

    Anyone looking to start a facebook group or anything? I'm not necessarily social, but it might be nice to not have to check this site every time I had a question...
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    Congrats Gobbstopper! Very excited for you and looking forward to meeting everyone. Let me know if you need any advice on where to live. I have been here for about four years- currently in the Sunset District (which works well because I'm in an affordable living situation and it's close to school). However, there are a lot of different neighborhoods in SF and around the Bay Area...

    I'd be down with a FB group!

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    Congrats, Gobbstopper! Just wondering, did you have a deadline to respond to your acceptance letter by? I'm trying to assess my chances of getting in and figure out when I should contact the Nursing office for another update on my status. Here's to hoping I can join you all in the Fall!
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    I had to respond by May 29. I'm not sure if that was specific to me though, because I recieved the acceptance email around May 14th. I had to fax my acceptance back (no mail or email option), but was in Disneyland at the time, so I had to use the hotel fax Went through fine, and then recieved my acceptance from the graduate division of SFSU, instructing me to fill out all the necessary paperwork and such.

    How did you find your place? I'm really only looking on craigslist. It seems impossible to find a place IN the city on there for around $1000-$1300. It would be my boyfriend and I, and 2 cats. (I'll probably only say we have 1...) All I can find are across the bay, which kind of scares me because all I hear are horrible things about the commute and how expensive it is. Is it going to be just as expensive as living in the city? I'm thinking of maybe living in San Jose, since I'm in Scotts Valley now. Not too far of a move and I could take BART.... am I crazy?

    Does anyone know if SFSU offers a card for BART or any of the public transportation? When I was at UCSC, they offered it as part of tuition, and we could ride buses for free as long as we had a sticker on our ID.

    Also, does anyone know if they are letting us take classes in the Summer? I originally applied because I thought it was accelerated, but recently saw in another thread from 2011 that it's only fall and spring semesters!

    **Also, for facebook- they won't let me make a group unless I have friends to add to it
    If you want to be part of this new group, send me a message with your name, and I'll start adding you as friends so we can make the group!**

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    Hi Amanda. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've been in the same apt for the last two years living with my boyfriend and other roommates. We found the place on craigslist- we were originally looking for a one bedroom, but those are still so pricey that we decided to look for rooms for rent that were willing to take a couple. We lucked out with a pretty big space with it's own bathroom and patio- just share the common areas (kitchen, living/dining rooms, laundry). Luckily it's easy to hop on public transit and park here.

    I'm sure housing prices have gone up since I was looking a few years ago... certainly there are areas in San Francisco that are cheaper than others. Looking in South SF is probably more affordable. MUNI bus#28 runs along 19th avenue all the way to Daly City Bart Station. It stops right in front of SFSU- I wonder if you can find housing along that route?

    I'm sure living in San Jose has some more affordable options, it would just be a longer commute if you are willing. Check out to look up bay area public transit and let me know if you have any specific questions.

    As far as summer classes- I know they are not offering any right now. They were dropped a few years ago because of budget cuts- MAJOR BUMMER!

    I tried to send you a message for the FB group, but I don't think I'm eligible to send private messages until I post a certain # of times....

    Talk to you soon!
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    The waitlist was updated again on Friday, July 13. If any of you were taken off the waitlist on that day, when do you have to respond to your acceptance letter?
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    Orientation in a week.... Who's excited?! I can't find anywhere, did they say where we can park? See you guys there!
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    Hi all!

    I was just taken off the waitlist but informed that I missed orientation last week. What did they mention at orientation? Besides getting my shots taken care of, is there anything else I should take care of? Also, when does school start?

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