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    Hello All!

    I am applying to graduate programs and I was wondering if anyone has heard of anyone taking one class a semester in their programs? I am a new grad with my BSN and I am in no hurry to finish my MSN because I need to get experience before anyone will hire me as an FNP. Any suggestions are welcome!


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    Depends on the program I suppose. I don't personally see why they would have an issue with it, but people who get paid more than I make those decisions. In my program the curriculum is pretty much spelled out if you are a full time vs part time student (difference being you take 2 classes per semester as a part time student or 3 classes per semester if you're going full time). Contact the program that you're interested in and ask them if they are open to you doing what you are suggesting.
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    Depends on the school. I recently precepted a grad student who had been working on her MSN for over seven years (her current employer had promoted her internally into a MSN-level position on the basis of her working on her MSN -- I got the impression that that's why she enrolled in the first place, and she didn't really have much interest in actually finishing the degree, she liked the way things were).
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    Im enrolled in University of Phoenix and their MSN classes are 6 weeks long and you take one at a time. You can take them back to back or take time off in between, since the college is so big every class is starting every week. So far its worked for me because I am a cash paying student since I dont want loans, I can take classes as I have the money for them. Good luck in your search!
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    Thanx! Im applying to the RODP program so I am hoping since it is online I will be able to do it. I wont worry about this until I get my acceptance letter I suppose.
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    University of Colorado Colorado Springs I believe does 1 course at a time.
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