Graduate Level Pharmacology???

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    So I've recently been looking into getting an MS with an emphasis in Midwifery or Women's Health. And of course they require a master's level pharmacology course.

    Naturally, I freaked out a little. In nursing school, I made a high "C" (77 or 78 I believe) in Pharmacotherapeutics. Now, i'm sure you can understand why I'm a little worried, as that grade isn't really what I was wanting.

    How awful is Graduate pharm? Any tips or words of encouragement?
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    Moved to the post-grad forum (vs. the GN forum) to encourage responses.
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    I loved it, honestly. Yes, it was work but I found it really interesting. There's a lot of study and memorization, but I didn't find it "hard". I did it at the same time as advanced patho and did great.
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    It was a GREAT class. My professor was a difficult one, but I made it through ok. You do have to study a lot but it's all worth it in the end. So far it's one of the classes I've learned the most in by far out of my MSN program.
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    Graduate pharmacology.....never studied so hard in my life....well, maybe Stats required as much effort. But, I loved it.
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    I'm one of those people who actually enjoyed my undergraduate pharmacology class. I'm currently taking advanced pharm along with advanced physiology. I feel like the physiology course really helps with the advanced pharm but I feel lost in physiology (I hope this makes sense). I really enjoy pharm and we have a great instructor (she is a PharmD and an ACNP). We had our first exam this week and I got a 96%!!
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    I think you might find it easier since you've practiced as a nurse; I know I was pulling my hair out in my pharma class in LPN school because other than things like my mom's BP meds, I just didn't know that much about medicines. I'm thinking (hoping) that when I get to that point, I will have enough experience in my "drug tree" to hang all these new fruits on it so I can remember it...
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    Compared to undergraduate pharm, how would one rate the difficulty of Advamced Pharm? I loved and excelled in undergrad Pharm and Patho. I took it at UTA and we had excellent professors, plus I loved those classes. I've been hearing about the difficulty of these classes but have not seen any comparison to undergrad Pharm.