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I'm desperate for some advice from my fellow professional nurses out there. I've found some complaints regarding Bradley University on this site. I was going to start the program next month but now... Read More

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    I am currently enrolled at Bradley University and like the program (started in Aug 2016). I find it easy to keep pace with the classes, which are usually 8 weeks long (I had one 15 week class - Assessment). My advice is to work as far ahead as you can, without loosing pace with the class. I will be starting clinicals in Jan 2018 and let me give you a little piece of advice, THERE IS NO PRECEPTOR LIST!!!! No matter what the recruiter says, THERE IS NO PRECEPTOR LIST!!!! You MUST do the leg work yourself and find your OWN preceptor (which can be challenging depending where you live), so start early. I hope this helps out some. If you have any questions, let me know. Wishing you good luck!!!!
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    Hi I'm also thinking about going into Bradley FNP program but I'm wondering why it's an extra year to finish compared to other FNP programs.... how is the program going for you?
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    Can you let me know why you chose Bradley? I've been really looking into schools but this one is 3 years to finish compared to other schools. Do they go at a slower pace?