Are there hiring freezes for nurse practioner jobs? Are there hiring freezes for nurse practioner jobs? | allnurses

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Are there hiring freezes for nurse practioner jobs?

  1. 0 Hi everyone. I was accepted to an accelerated nursing program this year to earn my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I already have a B.S. degree in Biology, which is why I am doing the accelerated second degree program. My friend graduated this past May with a BSN, and she has had a lot of trouble finding jobs for new nursing graduates. She works 2 part time jobs, and they are not with hospitals. It took her a while to find those jobs. I was wondering if recent Nurse Practitioner grads were facing similar issues to new BSN grads. Any thoughts on this issue?
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    I think it depends on many factors:

    1. Where in the country you are located.

    2. Are you willing to accept something that maybe you hadn't considered?

    3. Are you willing and/or able to relocate?

    4. Are you willing to work shift work?

    5. What is your RN experience?
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    I will answer your questions because maybe you will be able to offer advice if I provide more info.

    1. I plan to work in the US (preferably New York City/Long Island or New Jersey.) I will be attending nursing school in this area.

    2. I have not started nursing school yet, so I am not sure what specialty I am interested in. I think I am leaning towards oncology. Otherwise, I am open to new ideas. Can I change what specialty I want to work in as a NP once I complete NP school? Sorry if that's a stupid question, but I have just begun my research into NP school since I haven't even earned my BSN yet.

    3. Yes, I am able to relocate. I have not started a family yet, and I am not married. But I would like to stay relatively close to my family, which is why I'm looking at New York and New Jersey,

    4. Yes, I am willing to do shift work.

    5. I don't have RN experience yet. But what kind of RN experience would NP schools look for?
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    I'm in a NP program now and there seems to be a wide variety of backgrounds in my class. Outpatient clinics, acute care nursing, critical care, ed are all represented.
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    I am a RN and work in a clinic setting and we are ALWAYS hiring FNPs. With the ACA starting there will be a huge need for FNPs.