Anyone know about Maryville's FNP program? Anyone know about Maryville's FNP program? - pg.19 | allnurses

Anyone know about Maryville's FNP program? - page 19

I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

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    Thank you for your response. The advisor is so nice and helpful-that has been a big plus. I am currently working through my BSN and loving it. I hope that Maryville accepts me!!
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    Any news from Maryville? Did you apply anywhere else??
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    Still waiting, my advisor has been more than helpful throughout this entire process. They said it shouldn't be much longer. Been praying a lot thanks for asking! I'll definitely post the decision once I know. I hope your Bsn is going smoothly!
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    Oh and no I haven't applied anywhere else at this time. I guess if Maryville doesn't accept me then I'll go ahead and apply to a few other places.
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    My BSN is going great actually! I am glad the advisor is helpful-I know some of them are less than ideal! I will pray you get in. I am only planning on applying to Maryville and Duquesne University when the time comes. I hope one of them will take me! Keep us posted on your status!
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    I just found out today I am accepted in the Maryville NP program.
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    Waiting to hear, should be this week.
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    I start this summer, is anyone else starting this summer?
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    Congratulations on the acceptance! I just found out I was accepted for Summer. Very excited to begin this new chapter of life
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    I am thinking about applying to Maryville Univ nurse practitioners online program. I see several comments from soon to be students. Is anyone currently enrolled and can you provide any feedback on your experiences?
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    I was enrolled there I went for one semester and then switched to another University. There was about 5 people who switched at the same time as me and there have been a lot of frustrations from students who stayed related to the disorganization of a new online program. I have no doubt they will all get a great education in the end but since its a new online program there has been a lot of glitches and frustrations. The workload/busywork is also very high, lots of busy work that is extremely time consuming. For example, they estimated that it would take 3 hours to write a 12 page research paper and gave us a week to do it. Not super realistic...lots of group work and papers. It sounds like there hasn't been a lot of changes or improvements with the many complaints and feedback...yet. Depending on when you start, maybe they'll work it out? You can message me if you want more details.
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    YAY -- I'm in for Spring B start for March 11th !!
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    Are there any on campus visits?? Or conferences to learn suturing? I noticed some schools have days to meet to do suturing and EKG lessons.